Friday, June 30, 2017


JUNE 30th 2017
Jo-Ann from INSPIRATION PIE has a feature where she takes photos during her walks and posts them to her blog. I love the idea and have decided to join her. You can see her latest walk photos: HERE.


This week was a bust. I had some physical problems, so I enjoyed the little bits of sunshine we have been getting through the windows. We had a fair amount of hard rain and severe thunderstorms. One day we received a significant amount of hail.

Anyway, I didn't want to skip a walk post so soon after starting, so I decided to take a walk around the apartment and show you the view of my neighborhood from the windows. Ha!

This is looking out over the backyards from one of the sun porch windows. Sorry about the screen, but it's not movable.

This is my basil pot that sits in front of the window. There has been some good growth in one week. I need to thin them again.

My view from the kitchen window over the sink, so it is what I see when I am doing dishes. The hills are pretty in the fall when the leaves change. It was a dreary day today.

This is from the front of the apartment. Again, immovable screen; old house. Remember this photo from mid-March...

See, there is a street there!

Well, I am sorry I zoomed in on what I thought was beautiful St. Patrick's church in the distance, from our living room window, all these years. It is an old factory building! Bah! I am erasing this image from my mind and replacing it with my fantasy again...


What is your favorite view from your windows?

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