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52 PINS IN 52 WEEKS - JUNE 2017

JUNE 2017
Last year Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY decided to challenge herself to doing one pin a week from her ever growing PINTEREST boards and post about them on the last Saturday of each month. The posts were a big hit with me and I am elated that she has decided to host a LINK-UP feature this year!


Remember I made the yogurt pizza dough to make breadsticks last month? I promised I would try it for actual pizza this month, and I did.

As before, I simply kneaded the dough with my hands. Again, it was a little dry in consistency, so I put it in a plastic bag in the fridge for an hour and then it was easy to push it out into the pan.
I didn't want to heat up the kitchen by using the big oven because it has been quite hot and humid, so I only used half a cup of yogurt and half a cup of flour to make a small pizza that would fit in my counter top convection oven.

It turned out well baking it at 400° for ten minutes. However, I am from New York and used to thin crust pizza, and this crust was very bread-like. Although, I would still prefer it over an English muffin pizza. My original intention was to use this dough as a quick way to make bread sticks to go with pasta dishes, and it is perfect for that. *see last month's POST. (This post is still being fixed from being annihilated by Google Plus for trying to post MY OWN PHOTOS without the album being made public. Blogspot took every single image, even my usual headers, and all links out of the post. I guess if you have photos you want to keep private, Google Drive cloud storage is the place, ha ha. It should be up tomorrow).

Last month I started regrowing the leftover stumps of romaine lettuces from the grocery store in water.
Four days regrowth.

This is about ten days regrowth on the tall one and six days on the small ones. The small ones didn't get much bigger because I started them on a chilly open window sill. The big one started on a closed window sill. I harvested all three and there was no new regrowth after that. Between all three I managed two small salads that were a good amount for a side salad. The leaves smelled a little weedy and I was afraid they would be bitter, but they tasted fine.

Regrowth harvested from the tall plant. The two smaller stumps provided about the same; maybe a little bit more.

A Facebook friend of mine said she had seen a PIN about planting the stumps in dirt, so I went looking for it and sure enough you can plant them after they have grown roots. It took about two and a half weeks for two of the stumps to grow roots. I am glad she mentioned it because after they quit regrowing after the first harvesting, I was going to throw them away!

I found another pin that said mixing used coffee grounds in the soil would help promote healthy root growth, so I mixed some into the potting soil I used in the container. You can see other garden uses for coffee grounds in this PIN.


This only three pins because of being ultra busy wrappieg things up for the summer at work, and the heat and humidity. It is pretty nice today, though, I must admit. I will add an extra pin try next month.
Are you growing any veggies this year?

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