Friday, June 23, 2017


JUNE 23rd 2017
Jo-Ann from INSPIRATION PIE has a feature where she takes photos during her walks and posts them to her blog. I love the idea and have decided to join her. You can see her latest walk photos: HERE.


I had some errands to run today so my walking was done in the business district of my city; which we call Downtown. I went to the farm to market grocery store and the owner was saying that when she came in on Thursday morning, she saw someone had planted flowers in the little garden spaces around the two trees out front. A random act of kindness.

I stopped at my favorite Italian restaurant, I have been going there since I was three years old, to get some sauce (I still like the fresh frozen over the bottled we can now buy in the grocery store). I really wanted to bring home some handmade gelato, too, but it never would have survived the trip home on the bus in 80°F+ weather. Ha ha.

I made a special trip over to a street I knew had one of those rain paintings appear a couple of weeks ago because it was sprinkling, but it wasn't wet enough to get a good picture. However, here is a photo a friend took of it after someone had splashed a cup of water on it!

This is the only one I know of so far. I hope more pop up. Below is a video about the artist from Seattle who created the process. 

Next week I hope to take a walk around my neighborhood with my son.
Where do you like to take walks?

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