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Thank goodness I had my Defy the Stars post almost ready to go, and the prepackaged blitz post from RockStar that only needed a bit of tweaking, because I have the plague. I got that nasty respiratory flu and felt like I had been trampled by wooly mammoths, up until yesterday. I also developed, as is now normal for me when I have a cold or flu, a zombie eye. It makes blogging almost impossible for me because my left eyes gets a little wonky in sympathy. I keep forgetting to ask the doctor why that happens to me now. Thank goodness for text-to-speech on my Kindle for allowing me to stay current with my ARCs. Everyone was saying it lasts about two weeks, but today my eye is 100% better and the weight/burning in my chest is gone. Now I only have some crackling in my ears and a rattling cough. I think I am definitely on the mend!
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Blogger is doing the pink "mixed code" warning for everything I add, or edit in my draft, again. I get it even if I add one comma. I am already tired of having to dismiss the warning constantly. It is also not wanting to upload images most of the time. I have to do it via url, which creates extra steps because I like to have the Goodreads link in copy/paste to post under the cover image. This combined with my new Kindle being a POS (I think Igor is related to Fhkeindle my first demon possesed Fire tablet) has made blogging a real chore lately. During the holiday break I am going to change my personal blog over to WordPress, so I become familiar with the process. If I mess up there will be no reason to worry about down time.

Still no baby giraffe. Push, April, PUSH!

My son turned 25 on Friday. I am totally gob smacked. Where did the time go?
I would like to add that my ex in-laws finally gave up on wrapping the Manchild's presents in football wrapping paper when he started doing musical theater at the age of 11 years old. He remained a sports disappointment to them, as was his hair band father. Heh heh.

My friend made this Upstate NY meme...
This is a little but of a lie, though. We do get about one week of spring temps in the 60s lower 7Os before blasting into the 80s. Ha!

We also "won" winter in New York State. Ugh.
I am patiently waiting for this...

This is directly across the river from my friend's snow buried car photos. He still lives in our college apartment house; 32 years later. Is that akin to living in your parents basement at 35?

I bought this FULL PRICE! Can you believe it? That is how much I love the Tiffany Aching arc of the Discworld series. I bought A Hat Full Of Sky at full price, too. Annemieke from A DANCE WITH BOOKS wanted to buddy read it last week, so I bought it and it was worth every penny. It is my favorite Tiffany story to date and my favorite Discworld title, so far. This arc is YA friendly and a great place to start reading the series. Annemieke and I are going to buddy read the next book, I Shall Wear Midnight, next month. I will be doing a review of the complete five book arc when I am finished.

This is an anthology of true stories about facing the unknown. I had to have it for my bookshelves. It was too pretty to pass up! I love the cloud overlay my photo editor has. Ha!

I was a very good girl this week!

Kirsten from METAPHORS AND MOONLIGHT is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! *that was not in spellcheck, btw*  She did a blog post about filtering gmail. I had read about this, but was too lazy to research it and experiment. Now I don't have to because I have her tutorial: HERE.
This is Stef Sanjati...
I came across this video doing research for my boss (it's not related to the syndrome I was looking for, but showed up in the viewing suggestions). I always give a watch anytime I stumble upon something genetics related because sooner or later the Manchild is going to have to choose a thesis research subject. Although this video was about Waardenburg Syndrome, and not Stef being transgendered, on her YouTube channel she is documenting her transition. I fell in love with their personality and passion to provide information, so subjects like this aren't so mysterious to some people. I subscribed; you should, too.

Last. Now. Next.

Do You Include Book Covers?

Have a splendiferous new week! 

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