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52 PINS IN 52 WEEKS - APRIL 2017

APRIL 2017

Last year Katherine from I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY decided to challenge herself to doing one pin a week from her ever growing PINTEREST boards and post about them on the last Saturday of each month. The posts were a big hit with me and I am elated that she has decided to host a LINK-UP feature this year!

This was an interesting month of attemps, to say the least. Ha ha...

Many people celebrated Easter, so I decided to give a couple of egg traditions a try.

You can view the pin instructions, HERE.
I used yellow onion skins, spinach, beet juice from canned beets, and bluberry juice. The onion skins made brown eggs that looked like, well... brown eggs, so why bother. The baby spinach leaves did nothing in boiling water so I drained and mashed them with a little vinegar and painted the eggs with the mush and put them in the fridge for a few hours, but when I rinsed them off they remained white. The beet juice and blueberry juice dyes worked wonderfully.
This was just 100% blueberry juice with a splash of vinegar room temperature, but if you use vinegar do not do what I did. I left them in the fridge in the dye too long and the vinegar made the shells soft and they warped and wrinkled. I think both the blueberry juice and the beet juice would have worked nicely without it.
Before I left them in the vinegar dye too long they were a soft dusty pink. I thought if I left them in longer the eggs would become purplish because I loathe pink! They peeled easily though. Ha!
Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG sent me this on Facebook...
It was her attempt at this pin...
She challenged me to a chick-off and here is the results...
I think you won, Jolene!
For some reason the shells stuck to the eggs and I was left with one tiny egg yolk with just a smidge of white around it. I should have used the vinegar eggs, but they had already been made into egg salad. I am, however, challenging Jo to another chick-off next year and anyone who wants to join in.

I am starting to scratch my head about this slow cooker thing. First I made the Italian Mushrooms and they turned out rubbery and it took nearly four hours to cook the simple side dish. I made some, following the recipe ingredients, on the stove top last month and they were delicious. The Manchild loved them. This month I tried again with this CROCKPOT CREAMY MAC N' CHEESE pin. It basically tasted same as the stove top mac and cheese I make and it took way too long. I didn't even bother to take a photograph of it. I think the crockpot is going to be put back in the deep dark recesses of the bottom kitchen cupboards again.
I am going to give it one more try. Does anyone have any suggestions?

HERE, is the pin that inspired me.
This is how my first attempt without the proper pen turned out...
Not too shabby. I am going to color this one in with gel pens and use it to send the paper feather bookmarks to the winner from February's post. Next month will be lettering, so the winner will be revealed with their name in fancy script. It was so therapeutic that I will be practicing quite a bit. I will be buying the proper outline pen for future attempts. My holiday cards this year will look fab!
Did you do any holiday cooking or crafts?

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