Tuesday, March 15, 2016


TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature, depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading in the future from your tbr pile, and why. I am oh so curious why people read what they read. So tell me!

Joining us this week...
Go have a peek at their latest grabs and tell them yours!

I loathed the first 20% of this YA Contemporary. It was like the author was trying too hard, but once he fell into his own style it was marvelous. This is side listed on Goodreads as Romance, but there is actually very little of it. It was a Netgalley eARC.

Another book about a 12 year old that is side listed on Goodreads as both YA and MG. I will have to go to Edelweiss and look to see what the age range sugesstion is. It reads like a Middle Grade. I love the fact that it is about a girl with Mexican heritage and her relationship with her grandfather, but it is first person and her thought processes are far beyond that of a 12 year old and I greatly dislike this in Children's Fiction. There are problems with unrealistic situations and continuity problems, too. It came out on the 8th. I received it from Netgalley.


This is a Middle Grade about being raised in a religious cult. It released on the March 8th. I am behind a tad bit on my ARC schedule. I received this title from Edelweiss.

This is MG Contemporary. It thought it was Paranormal, but it is Realistic Fiction. It publishes today, March 15th. I received it from Edelweiss.

What are you reading? Tell me!


  1. That's good to know about The Serpent King. It had caught my eye but I'll definitely push past it if the first 20% doesn't work for me. It's always good to know it gets better! I like the sound of The House of Bees - especially with the girl having a connection her grandfather - but I know what you mean about the thought processes. I prefer when children don't think like children (especially when they're early teens) but I'm not the target market for the book! I'll look for your final thoughts on it and will have to give a try.

    1. Definitely read The Sepent King. It made me cry three times and I thought More Happy Than Not was going to hold that title for a while with just one cry. :)

  2. The only book on your list that I've actually heard of is The Serpent King! I never really thought I wanted to read this book, not really a fan of contemporary. But I like books that make me cry and so that makes me want to read this! The last book I read was Once Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell. It was alright. Nothing really special. I'm not reading anything right now since I JUST finished that one, but next up is either The Island by S. Usher Evans or The Star-Touched Queen! :)

    1. So many people have loved The Star Touched Queen! Is she a debut author? I don't remember seeing the author's name before. I might have to have a look at it this summer when I plan to do a lot of personal reading. :)


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