Sunday, September 20, 2015


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No, this is not a new feature; it is my Blogger blogging experience this week. About a month ago my posts started mixing fonts, font sizes, and text colors. I had to fix them by highlighting and changing the fonts, sizes, and colors via the top toolbar. Last Sunday afternoon when I changed the masthead, I also changed the font on the blog and text color thinking this would remedy the problem. However, it made it worse... there started to be three different fonts instead of two, there was more tiny text and the link colors were also changing! Plus, my sidebar started to come and go, images were randomly being made small, and there was white background behind non copy and pasted text! The weird thing? When I previewed the posts they were perfect, but when posted they were all wonky. THEN... after fixing them the post would look fine, but when I came back the post would be all wonky again. I have been fighting with it all week. The blogversary post was morphing all over the place, so I finally gave up. I don't want people coming to the blog for the first time, to enter the giveaways, and seeing a chewed-up and spit-out page. I also scheduled my Top Five Friday and it didn't post. I discovered this when I got home after work and grocery shopping about 6:00 pm.

* UPDATE: Monday... I went in and fixed the code. Let's see if it holds this time!

THE HEART GOES LAST is killing me and I tell you all about it.

It was a freebie this week, so to shock people I chose PARANORMAL YA ROMANCE SERIES I HAVE READ. Ha ha!

There was a war on Twitter a couple of weeks ago started by someone's blog post about "Do ARCs Symbolize Blogger Status". Luckily I missed it. However, a blogger that I follow retweeted the link to that blog post this week. Why? Do these bloggers thrive on conflict? I unfollowed her. We are supposed to be a community.

Have a magnificent week!


  1. I do hope Blogger will stop being a veritable pain in your arse soon and will behave PROPERLY!!

    1. I got in there and fixed the html. There was a bunch of garbage code in them, like three different fonts listed and weird color css that I have never used on my blog. I just it did it with the TMT post I did yesterday, too! It had better stop because I don't have time for that !

  2. I've had Blogger be wonky a few times too, and it's super annoying. Sorry it was rough this week. And what's up with posts not posting? Good grief, Blogger sometimes... LOL.

    Glad I missed the Twitter war, I like Twitter but sometimes... yeah. :)

    1. I think I am going to report it to Blogger as a bug. Not that they will do anything about it. Lol.

  3. Oh crap my blog was doing that for a while but then it fixed itself. I hope it sorts itself out for you and you have a good week.

    Megan @

  4. Technical problems make me want to bang my head repeatedly into a wall. I haven't made many changes on my blog because I'm afraid it'll start getting quirky and I don't have the patience for that! I missed the Twitter war as well and that does not make me sad. I don't care who has more ARCs than me or if I have more than anyone else and status and all that. I like reading what bookish people have to say and talking about bookish stuff. That's the total level of drama I want to be involved in! Have a great week!

  5. So weird about your blog. Have you tried a new theme to see if that fixes it? I avoid blogger dramma I have no time for it, so I understand. Crossing my fingers you figure out the issue with your blog.

    1. I will try a new theme, thanks. I think I just need to change to Word Press!

  6. Oh, are you by any chance typing up your post in say Word and then pasting them into Blogger? It will add all kinds of crazy stuff. If you do that, copy into the html side will remove all formatting and then you can add paragraphs etc.

  7. Sorry to hear the blog's playing up. I don't use blogger so can offer no help I'm afraid but can only sympathise.

    Having said that - it's all readable etc so that's good!


  8. I know how you feel when it comes to blog posts going crazy. When I first started my blog years ago on Wordpress it would just randomly decide to format differently, and it drove me crazy. Luckily they've fixed that issue but it's still awful. I don't blame you for unfollowing them. I basically did the same to a lot of people when the drama started becoming more and more frequent. I hardly even get on twitter anymore, i don't even remember the last time I was actually on twitter for longer than a few minutes.

    I hope you have a good week!

  9. My problem with blogger is the medium text is small on preview, the large text is medium of preview, spaces appear when they shouldn't - all these little niggles are sending me in the Wordpress direction which I don't really want to do.

    Anyway , Twitter, people love a bit of conflict don't they? I however am not one of them, what goes around comes around, they get bit on the backside soon!

    Have a good week!


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