Tuesday, September 8, 2015


TELL ME TUESDAY is a feature that oozed from my post Twitter party fried-brains. It is a weekly, or bi-weekly feature (depending on your reading style), where you tell us what you are reading now, and why, and what you will be reading in the future from your tbr pile, and why. I am oh so curious why people read what they read. So tell me!
Joining us this week...

Go have a peek at their latest grabs and tell them about yours.

As you know I was in a deep reading slump.
I had an ARC for September, but it didn't publish until the 27th, so I was watching the clock, but not panicking.
Through seeing reviews on a few blogs I figured out that a couple of ARCS I thought were early October pubs were, in reality, EARLY SEPTEMBER RELEASES!
So slumping be damned I got right to it, but THE WANDERERS was rife with cliches, continuity problems, and childish vocabulary, so I DNFed. It looked like my need to not read was only strengthened.
But I soldiered on to the next...
And it read like buttah... BUTTAH, I SAY!

I ADORED this book! And now all I want to do is tell everyone about it.
You can read my 4.5 star review of DUMPLIN', HERE.

I felt like I was on a roll and downloaded THE HEART GOES LAST from Edelweiss because it also sneakily ended up being a September release on the 27th, even if my NotePad app says October. It is from the author of A Handmaid's Tale.
I went to Goodreads to mark it as Currently Reading and I saw a huge spoiler!
 Now I am all slumpy again because my excitement for the book has gone.
The other book publishing on the 27th, RULES FOR STEALING STARS, was slow to start, so I had already set that one aside. So I guess I will start listening to WICKED again and hope I spring back in time to get both of these ARCs read before they come out.

What are you reading? Tell me!


  1. Oh no! The dreaded slump continues. You need something to really shake it up. I'm not sure what...have you read The Scorpio Races? It is my #1 recommended book to people.

  2. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!! I hate when people put spoilers all willy nilly on GR!! I do hope you can get off this slump soon!

  3. Ooh, that was fun, and I loved all of the gifs! :) Also, I HATE SPOILERS!!! :/

  4. Omg I HATE seeing spoilers. Hate it so so sooooo much. GRRRRR. I got spoiled for the ending of the Maze Runner trilogy and it made me put off reading the book for MONTHS. Bleh. I'm currently reading The Game of Love and Death and it's AMAZING. But I have a feeling it's going to break my heart really really soon. xD

  5. Ugh, spoilers. I hate that...sometimes I just want to leave a string of curse words on people's reviews. I don't, but the desire is definitely there. I hope you can get back into your review books despite the review spoilers and slow pace!

    Love the gift set for this week!


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