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SUNDAY CHAT #16 - December Wrap-Up - Snowpocalypse & Christmas






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Hello, lovely Library Lions and beautiful Book Dragons! I am a bit late with what is in actuality December's wrap-up, but things have been CRAZY here in the US! However, I'll leave that subject until next month. This post will be mainly photos, so enjoy.

DECEMBER 17-18th 2020

A public works employee walking to work after 42 INCHES OF SNOW fell here in Binghamton in less than 24 hours. It came down at a rate of 4-6 inches an hour.

My friend's dog.

A high school friend shoveling near my mother's house.

We were featured on BUZZFEED, and a Harry Potter community friend of mine said we were on the BBC News.

Baz leaving for work...

And then coming back to walk in the road when he realized the neighbors didn't shovel their sidewalk. Heh.

Needless to say we had a white Christmas!

We finally got a realistic Black Santa. The one we had when Baz was little was skinny! I volunteered online helping coordinate gift donations for different local charities, and one of the other volunteers told us there was an older boy who said he loved to read and gave a wishlist of books he wanted, expecting only to receive one. Someone purchased all the books on his list for him, and when he saw them he still thought he could only choose one. When he was told they were all his, he started crying; and now you are too. Pass the tissues, please.

My stocking from Baz! It didn't all fit, so part of it was in a gift bag, ha ha. There was also a jar of the expensive orange marmalade I always look at in the grocery store, but put back because it's frivolous and I'd rather buy items for the CHOW barrel. There were eight more peanut butter cups, but I ate them for Christmas breakfast!

My Christmas Eve book and cookies exchange from Baz. It's the special MinaLima illustrated edition. There are all kinds of pull tabs, wheels, and fold outs in it!
My Christmas present was the Moist Von Lipwig three book Discworld story arc in hardcovers!
We had lasagna and cheesecake for dinner.

How were your holidays?

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