Sunday, January 3, 2021

SHOW AND TELL #1 - Daily Goodie Box - December Box Review


I kept seeing this product sample box on Mary's blog, Dark Thoughts, and thought I would give it a whirl. I love this box because the products are all full size and it's totally free, with no shipping fees! If you want to try for your own Daily Goodie Box click the link above or go to their Facebook page: HERE.

Two of the products the: SRIACHA TOMATO JERKY and the NOCCO BCAA DRINK were not products my son and I wanted to try, so I sent them for his buddies to try at their D&D game night. The jerky wasn't a hit; they loved the taste, but they weren't fond of the texture at all. However, the NOCCO drink was a huge hit!

Both friends who tried it are going to be purchasing some. One friend said it was the closest to fresh strawberry flavor he had ever tasted in a beverage.


I used the green and red candles on our Winter Solstice apple cake and they were lovely. The company makes other lead-free vegan candles. They also contribute to charity. You should check them out!

These little gummy bears are delicious! They have just the right amount of tart to sweet. I haven't had any drinks since receiving these, but I got a little lift and feeling of well-being after eating a couple. If you click the link above it gives you the science behind how these gummies work. I need more!

I knew I would love this product because we have been using Auromere's sandalwood bar hand soap for over a year. This bar shampoo has a nice clean scent and good lather. By using it you are helping to reduce plastic bottle waste! The company is non-profit and works closely with Indian cottage industries. You can read about the company: HERE.

My son Baz tried this elderberry immunity boosting drink and liked it. He's going to put the other two packets in his school backpack to have on hand when he feels a cold coming on!

This was one of my favorite items in the box! It goes on like silk and stays on longer than any other balm I use. I just found out it's from the same company that makes another balm I love, Mongo Kiss. The company has a wonderful backstory, and you can read it: HERE. I received the vanilla mint variety, and the scent was perfect for the holidays.

I love the Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Daily Serum I received! It absorbs quickly with no oily or sticky residue, and my face felt baby soft after using it for a few days. I think it also plumps out the fine lines around my eyes. Another favorite item from the box.

Do you like getting free samples?

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