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This is a monthly sister blog feature for my popular Facebook page BUMBERSHOOT'S WITCHERY COOKERY & MAGICAL LIFESTYLES. My followers asked for it, and so it was granted! Jump on your broomstick and fly on over to Facebook and join in on all the fun we have; especially during the fall and winter holidays!

I am always encouraging everyone to seek out the magical places which are just around the corner from where you live! Don't wait to embrace and celebrate the inner witch and wizard in your life only during Wizarding World trips and conventions. Here's another one of my favorite magical places here in Magic City...


This is Christ Church. You can see it through the windows of my favorite restaurant, and Baz used to call it the hobbit church when he was younger. Ha ha. There was a meditation maze in the cellar of the church when I was in college, but I don't know if it is still there. I should find out.

This has over the top magical photo op potential, but I don't know how one would sneak a wizarding photo inside. Ha ha.

And I love these magical lifestyle videos witches and wizards are filming and editing on their laptops!

Something a little different this month! Baking a dog friendly and healthy birthday cake. Alonna is extremely laid back and goes with the flow. She cracks me up sometimes.

I have gotten two ACCIO! BOXES since last month: the October Halloween box and November Potterhead Running Club box. The boxes are vegan and cruelty-free, and the items are from independent crafters, many from Etsy. They also do a lot of charity giving when boxes sell really well. Christina, mama Accio! Box, also designs exclusive t-shirts and pins which are included in the boxes sometimes. If you have been wanting to try a subscription box but aren't sure, I hung out in their ACCIO! PREFECTS Facebook group for two or three months to get a feel for the company, and the subscribers love the boxes, and also love Christina! She is up front about all shipping delays and they send out replacements for damaged items promptly. If you aren't quite fond of everything in your box there is always someone willing to buy those unwanted items in the group. The group also functions as a fandom group and Christina participates and even asks our opinions on box themes and item designs! They also have an ETSY SHOP where they sell box leftovers/overstocks.
If you want 15% off your first box visit Alonna's YouTube channel and find one of her Accio! unboxings. She has a coupon code you can use in her info.

These were my two favorite things from the October box: the Dystyl Phaelanges t-shirt and the pumpkin juice pin.

And this was my favorite item from the November box. I didn't want to use fast walking in the house for my Vanishing Cabinet Half-Marathon, so earning that medal has been slow going, but I will use it to earn this 3.1 mile 5K medal! I love the design, and it's PURPLE! I will be doing a special combined haul post for these two boxes. I wanted to take better photos with pretty flatlays before posting the unboxings.

I bought the Spanish and Italian translations of Philosopher's Stone used from Better World Books. They were about $30.00 each. The naked cover on the Italian edition, which happens to be my favorite cover so far, has fabulous artwork, too!

I found a Canadian edition, with the UK cover, of Order of the Phoenix for $5.00 on BWB, also. Now all I need are Philosopher's Stone and Deathly Hallows.

Stay magical, my friends!

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