Sunday, October 20, 2019



I am always encouraging you to seek out the magical places which are just around the corner from where you live! Don't wait to embrace and celebrate the magic in your life during special trips to Wizarding World locations. Here's another one of mine here in Magic City...

Notice the purple door. You know what that means!

You can drop in for some monthly divination. Hopefully Psychic Steve won't see the grim!

It has The Three Broomsticks vibe. And let's not forget the magical food and libations...

Witches triangles, one of my favorite Whole in the Wall desserts!

Elliot, the wizard proprietor, will personally welcome you.

Witches tea party anyone? You can apparate over to the Bumbershoot Facebook page for an album full of  WITCHY TEA PARTY IDEAS!

You know how I am always trying to live the authentic immersion wizarding life, and having a light-up wand instead of a flashlight is just the thing! Rodney from KWIKSPELLCO found a super affordable one, too! I have added it to my cart for my next Amazon purchase.

This book isn't exactly a haul, it's an audiobook borrow from Hoopla, but if you want a real feel immersion book about the primordial beginnings of witchcraft and wizardry this mythology retelling is for you! The language is beautiful and the myths are mind absorbing. The story aligns itself with my notion of magic and The Real Story of Magic in America; saying there is magic all around us and people have varying degrees of ability in working that magic. It will be a haul soon, though, because I am definitely purchasing a hardcover!

As you can see I'm almost at 2,000 follows. It would be a dream come true to hit 2K by Halloween! If you are on Facebook please consider giving me a like and a follow. It will reward you with a charmed life. Ha ha. *wink wink*

Stay magical, my friends!

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