Sunday, October 27, 2019



I'm going to forgo the blood so they look less like zombies and more creepy. I am also going to make them with BUMBERSHOOT'S BODACIOUS BAKERY'S ONION AND PECAN COOKIE RECIPE. Ha ha.

For more ideas for adult All Hallows parties and dinners you can peruse the A HALLOWS FEAST ALBUM on the Bumbershoot Facebook page.

This one's not edible, but can be made with regular pastry crust for a real pie!

You can find a cauldron full.of magical drinks in the BUMBERSHOOT THREE BROOMSTICKS ALBUM.


For more Slughornesque formal All Hallows Eve dinner party ideas visit the BUMBERSHOOT SLUG CLUB ALBUM

Jump on your broomstick and fly over to the WITCHES' TEA PARTY ALBUM for more magical sweets!

I do one of these pumpkins for a table centerpiece every year. It's so easy! A lot of people use a drill, but I use two different sizes of scissors. I poke them into the pumpkin just below the handle on the joint and then twist it around in place. This makes the perfect circle. I also cut the bottom out instead of making a lid and place it on a heat resistant plate in the middle of the table. *never leave lit candles unattended*

For more autumnal home decorating ideas dip into the HARVEST HOME ALBUM on the Bumbershoot's Facebook page.

You can find the design here...

What are you doing on Halloween?
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Do you have any Halloween traditions?

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