Thursday, July 25, 2019


FURS-DAY FEATURE is hosted by my Dog Days of Summer Celebration co-host, Jolene, from JO'S BOOK BLOG. This is a random post feature, but mine will be monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month. It's a place to talk about books with animals in them, and other beastie things!

I'm not reading anything with furry or feathered friends in it right now, so I thought I'd share this book I saw on Amazon Kindle's Facebook page list of best Nonfiction of the year, so far. It looks interesting and hopefully not too sad.

Not furry, but still beastie! When a neurologist saw Snowball the Cockatoo's famous dancing videos on Youtube, where the bird is freestyle dancing to different beats, he set out to find why birds in the parrot family can make up their own dance moves to music just like humans. He talks about his discoveries in this ARTICLE. You can read some additional information about Snowball in another article: HERE.

If you're not interested in reading the sciencey articles, and watching the videos, here's a bio video about Snowball, his special needs brothers and sisters, and the fundraisers he does.

I was reading a post about summer on STILL LIFE, WITH CRACKER CRUMBS and she posted a LINK about how lightening bugs, a.k.a. fireflies, are disappearing. I was disheartened because when I was young there were clouds of them in my city house backyard, but I had noticed when my son was a toddler and could start enjoying them, there were none. When we moved to the country I saw a few, but every year there were more and more. When we moved back to the city they had also regrouped there. I was told this was because the last remnants of DDT had finally worn off. Now, I haven't sat outside at night in several years, so I hadn't noticed the decline again. This makes me very sad. Yesterday I also saw someone post this LINK on Facebook. It looks like other chemicals are the culprit this time.


And let's not forget about the third annual DDOS Celebration! Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG and I have so much fun co-hosting this event every August. Round up some books with dogs in them and/or on them, dust off those old dog movie DVDs, and join in! There will be a bingo, an instagram challenge, and giveaways. I will be posting my introduction on Monday July 29th with info, the bingo card, and the giveaway Rafflecopter. My giveaway will be international if Book Depository or Better World Books ships to your location.

Hug your furry friends for me!

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