Monday, July 29, 2019



I was going to post the Dog Days of Summer intro and giveaway today, but that will have to wait until Thursday because I wanted to get this more important information out in advance of the first of August.

On June 9th 2019 Grace let us know she was getting ready to battle her cancer again in this POST.

On June 29th she tweeted that she had gone into the hospital with breathing problems and suspected pneumonia. After that there was nothing from her on social media, but through DMs we were finding out bits and pieces, here and there. She had been in the ICU, but on Monday July 22nd word was passed around that she had been transferred to a regular room and would be going home soon. On Wednesday Grace posted a photo from the hospital with her three children and her husband and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. However, on Friday I received a DM that Grace had passed away later that day on Wednesday. On Sunday Lauren, from Bookmark Lit, tweeted this message from one of Grace's family members.

We have until Wednesday the 31st to add our tributes to Grace from the blogging community, and condolences for her family, on a KUDOBOARD started by Lauren. The link will be given to Grace's husband, via the above family member, on Thursday August first. If you want to find other information Lauren provided on Twitter, go: HERE.

When Grace wasn't feeling well she was upbeat on social media, and one thing that jumped out at me as I was looking for a couple of older tweets were the supportive comments she was providing for others suffering through health situations, even when she herself was in the hospital. She will be greatly missed in the book community.

Grace had a gentle heart and a sunny disposition. I will miss her signature Kindle lap photos, her monthly rewinds, and photos of her kids. One thing I hope will happen is a family update somewhere, at least once a year. As an older blogger with no grandchildren, one of my favorite things is watching my blogging friends' kids grow and experience the world. I am heartbroken that we have to say goodbye to Grace.

Hug your loved ones tight.

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