Sunday, November 25, 2018

LOOKING FORWARD - December 2018 - Better World Books Reading Challenge


Now that I am only posting a wrap-up every two weeks it became apparent that I needed a monthly preview post!

December is going to be all about completing my BETTER WORLD BOOKS Reading Challenge with these titles:

A book recommended by a librarian - CITY OF BRASS - own
Self help - FOOD JOURNAL MAGIC - own
Inspired by a feature film - STAR WARS (Skywalker Strikes) - own
Set in Africa - AKATA WITCH - Hoopla
A play - A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE - Hoopla
Detective protagonist - ONE IN A MILLION - own
Published the year I was born - GIOVANNI'S ROOM - Hoopla
Politician not in office - CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE (Jimmy Carter) - Hoopla
*Goodreads says it's a speech, but Hoopla has it as an audiobook, so I'm going to use it.

I will also be finishing up PTOLEMY'S GATE and CAT'S CRADLE.


What does your reading look like for December?

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