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TELL ME TUESDAY #207 - Last. Now. Next.


TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature, depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading next from your tbr pile, and why. I am curious why people read what they read, so tell me!

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Jolene from JO'S BOOK BLOG
Stop by and have a look at their latest grabs and tell them yours!

I'm not going to say because you are all going to hate my rating, heh heh.

I'm finishing up THE DARKEST MINDS original trilogy. I am participating in a read-a-long on Cyra's blog, RATTLE THE PAGES. I really liked the first book and I loved the second one. I have seen some low ratings for this one, but so far at just past 30% I'm really liking it. The read-a-long includes the fourth book that releases at the end of the month, but I'm going to wait a while on reading it.

Published July 10th - Netgalley
This is my next ARC. I thought it was publishing in August. Oops.



The BEATRIX POTTER miniature books and the WINNIE THE POOH books are the first books I remember sitting in the children's section of the library and looking through as a three year old. I can still remember how the linoleum floors felt to sit on and the distinct smell of the room. As per my mother's usual parenting style she would leave me there alone and go downstairs to the adult section of the library, so I don't have any memories of being read to there. I can, however, remember that all encompassing contentment I felt surrounded by all of those books.

THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS and the LITTLE BEAR SERIES books are some of the first titles I remember borrowing and bringing home with my grandmother.

I can also remember climbing the stairs to the children's room and how our footsteps echoed and how smooth the wooden railing was.

This is the building of my memories. They built a new modern library facility, which opened in 2002, when my son was ten years old. I am so happy I was able to share the children's room of my childhood with him before it closed. This old building is being repurposed as a culinary school that will open in 2020.

I had an old book, which I think must have been my mother's, about a sailor cat. It's not the one above, but the illustrations were similar. I must have read that book one hundred times. I used to get up and read it by the light of my aquarium after my bedroom door was shut at night. I can hear the bubbling of the tank filter in my memory.

Other books that were sneakily read over and over again at night were the DR. SEUSS BEGINNER BOOK CLUB titles my father ordered for me.

I even remember the smell of the white corrugated cardboard mailer boxes they came in. I couldn't open them until my father came home and changed out of his work clothes. Then we would sit on the couch and I would read the book to him.

By far my favorite was...

I watched the movie of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD with an older cousin at my grandmother's house when I was thirteen, and after she told me it was a book I immediately walked to the library to borrow it. I remember devouring the entire thing that summer weekend; sitting on the glider on the front porch with Tab soda and pretzel sticks.

The drummer for a band I was working for picked me up to go to a Heart concert, and as I had just moved into a furnished studio apartment he brought house warming gifts: a plant and his well loved paperback copy of CAT'S CRADLE, a favorite book. I wish I still had this copy, but he had instructed me to pass it along to another reader. I remember reading it in the pink living room/bedroom on the green and orange plaid loveseat *winces* with pizza from the pizzeria across the street. Vonnegut is now one of my favorite authors. I am re-reading it with my son in November for our annual Vonnegut birthday month buddy read. It was my turn to pick.

The first HARRY POTTER book was read snuggled up in bed, or on the couch, with my seven year old son and his father. This book always reminds me of Christmas, too, because it was the gift we let Baz open on Christmas Eve and we started reading it that night.

Tell me about a vivid reading memory you have.
What are you reading? Tell me!

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