Saturday, May 26, 2018

PIN IT. HAUL IT. DO IT! - Large Book Haul

This is a floating catch-all feature and I am linking this book haul with STACKING THE SHELVES which is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

I usually link up my Sunday wrap-up post with STS, but I had a huge book haul over the last week ana a half so I decided to do a freestanding post. Let's get started!

Akashic Books has mostly avant-garde nonfiction, and hard-edged music titles. I don't usually see anything I am interested in, the last title I requested was Ziggy Marley's cookbook. This one caught my eye because I love the Clash.

Where did this come from? I looked and it wasn't a Goodreads win. I didn't request it. The publisher, Gallery Books, is not familiar to me and it's not something I would be interested in anyway. so hmm...

*I have had this money to spend on books sitting around for ages because I was too busy to spend it. Ha ha. Having my shoulder messed up so that couldn't type well made scrolling and clicking on books to buy very entertaining.
I am going to be doing a post about my top five all-time favorite books and I realized even though I have read Jane Eyre about seven times, I didn't have my own copy other than an audiobook, so I ordered two "used very good" hardcovers. I ordered editions with the art printed directly on the cover because dustcovers were not guaranteed in this condition grade. However, I was not pleased because these were not identified as used library books.  The cloth cover had stickers all over it that left sticky white residue behind, and the leather bound had a big thick magnetic strip on the spine, that left sticky residue. The SCOUT, ATTICUS AND BOO book has the dust jacket laminated and taped to the book and it has library ink stamps in it. The TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD paperback also had the thick magnetic strip glued on it and it ripped the paper on the spine when I took it off. plus it has that horrendous Go Set a Watchman sticker on it. I bought it because I couldn't find my old paperback. The only one that wasn't a library book was THE WHALES GO BY. This was a childhood best loved of mine and I cried when I held it, it's perfect. Anyway,  BWB needs to be more attentive to identifying books that were once library books. If I had known I would not have purchased them.

My son bought me what I thought was a hardcover box set of the A WRINKLE IN TIME quintet for my birthday two years ago, but it ended up being a hardcover bind-up of all five books in a slipcover and the print is tiny, so I bought the collector's paperback box set. I bought another hardcover Harper Lee biography I AM SCOUT, two more BEATRIX POTTER minibooks (I think I only need three more), a hardcover FATE OF THE TEARLING (I still need the second one), and the last book I needed to complete my seven book set of SEPTIMUS HEAP books!

I had this a review ARC, and I loved it, so I was delighted to find a hardcover at the dollar store!

It was $1.99 for one day last week.

I have already downloaded three free audiobooks this year. There are two different books each week. If you are interested in this free program, go: HERE.


I also received a big box of children's books I won on a Facebook indie authors' page that I haven't opened yet, two more books and two t-shirts from author Michael Okon, two books from the author of The Lightening Stenography Device, an unsolicited cookbook, and two more eARCs since drafting this post. I also won $35 in Amazon gift cards on the indie authors' Facebook page and bought a soft box light for Bookstagram photos with them!

What have you added to your shelves?

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