Saturday, July 13, 2019

THE SNIDGET - Magical News Bulletin - July 2019 Edition


THE SNIDGET is a periodical bulletin from the magical world.
There will be plenty of news about Hogwarts and the wizarding world, and other fantastical places. It will be dropped off in the library by Owl Post every second Saturday of the month.

The invisibility cloak, which became available in the UK a couple of weeks ago, sparked some hilarious product questions and reviews when it showed up on the US Amazon site. Ha ha. From clever customer comedians, to a few disappointed muggles, who gave it one star because it was fake; the product page was an entertaining read. I was going to link the page because I was sure there would be more comical questions and reviews since I grabbed the screenshots below, but the page has been taken down. That's too bad because it was winding up to take away the comedy crown from the Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears review page.

It was a bit of a melancholy week for me in the wizarding world. So many things happened to shine a light on the more recent changes to the make up of the Harry Potter fandom, and even the closer knit community, with the newer Fantastic Beasts franchise. I think most of the problems stem from The Newt Scamander film storylines not being based on novels, so the reader fans have been out numbered by the movie fans and now because the franchise is so big the movie only fans are spilling over into the Harry Potter series fandom, and in some cases the long-standing Potterhead communuty. It's more about the games, the clothes and collectables now than the love of the books; stories and characters. It was most apparent when I joined the Wizards Unite group on Facebook. Some members were making fun of Potterheads in the group for analyzing and discussing canon in the game play. Others kept commenting "who cares" just play the game, and adding the eye-roll emoji. Then this happened...

This had only been up about ten minutes and there were already 42 laughing face emojis on it. The person who posted it was explaining in the comments how it was a memorial bench in front of a local courthouse and how they felt that the game developers should be more considerate of sacred space, and members were still commenting in the thread with laughing faces. This is not my fandom or community. I will be doing a post about how the face of the fandom has changed and why I feel Warner Brothers has gone too far with the franchise. However, then I stumble upon Potterhead Youtubers like Rodney and it helps heal my Potter heart.

Rodney is always cheerful and he has free tutorials for DYI HP collectables to ease the strain on your wallet. He does film items he's found in stores, but it's only to let us know what's available, how much it costs, and where you can find the items. He never tells you you have to have it, in fact he is very frugal himself with what he buys; and I admire that.

Puzzle by Aquarius Images

A Philosopher's Stone signed by Daniel Radcliffe and other Harry Potter actors was auctioned off for around $3,270 USD, along with other memorabilia from a Hogwarts student set extra. You can read more about the book and the seller: HERE.

Stay magical, my friends!

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