Monday, April 19, 2021

SHOW AND TELL #3 - April Daily Goodie Box Unboxing


I kept seeing this product sample box on Mary's blog, Dark Thoughts, and decided I would give it a whirl. I love this box because the products are most likely to be full size, or packs of multiple sample sizes. I love natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products, so it's a great way to find new ethically inclined companies, and to try their products totally free; with no shipping fees! If you want to try for your own Daily Goodie Box click the link above or go to their Facebook page: HERE.

This bourbon barrel aged maple syrup was a heavenly experience! I could hear a chorus of angels with every bite. It felt like sacrilege eating it with Eggo French Toaster Sticks. Ha ha. We don't eat pancakes or waffles during the summer so I am going to ask my son for a bottle for my birthday in October! I will definitely be making the maple glazed pecan scones they have on their website. Here's the RECIPE.

I received another sample of Bella Sun Luci tomato jerky. Last time I sent it over to my son's friend's weekly D&D game because neither my son, nor I, are a fan of spicy foods.  Although his friends said they liked the flavor, they disliked the texture. This time I decided to face my fear of the sriracha and nibble some, so I could make my own assessment of its texture. I was surprised the spice didn't bother me as much as I thought it was going to. In fact I was enjoying the taste, but the texture was not pleasing. I chopped the rest up into tiny bits and added them to ramen. It worked well with the noodle broth, giving it a subtle spicy tang.

We already use and love the After Bite products, so I'll be putting this in the personal care items donation box at our neighborhood community center. I love the idea of a gentle kids formula.

These are fabulous! I especially like the single serving pouch because there's no guessing how much of a bag to eat, and you can toss a pouch in your purse or backpack for a quick, yet substantial, snack. They really pack a protein punch. They taste great and live up to the crunch in their name. I ate a couple handfuls and I still had enough left to sprinkle over a salad I was having for lunch! It also has 5 grams of fiber as well as other important nutrients.

This product is still waiting to find a tester. My son and I are both pescetarians, so we don't eat red meat, and all but one of his D&D friends are vegetarian or vegans. The one non-vegetarian friend was put-off by the ingredient being called "bovine hide," so it's sitting on the kitchen counter at the friend's apartment, waiting for his brother to come over and try it. I'll update here when that happens. On the ingredients list from the webpage it says hydrolized beef collagen. I don't know why this pouch says something different.

I have been having some pain in the joints of my fingers, so I tried the cream on one hand only so I could compare. At first I didn't feel any difference, but about ten minutes later I noticed some relief, but it only lasted a couple of minutes. I'll have to try it again and do more than one application in the first few minutes to see if that would make the pain relief last longer.

The two girls I used to watch after school loved Zolli lollipops, so I was looking forward to trying these. The texture was great and the flavor was okay, but the candy had a strange aftertaste. I would say these would be good for kids because when it comes to sweets they'll eat just about anything, and from the packaging I guess they are the target consumer, but dark chocolate never seems to be something they'll eat. The caramels aren't vegan, so why not use milk chocolate?

I received two different formulations of these convenient spray vitamins. I kept the peach-mango Every Day Sunshine vitamin D spray for myself because I don't get out in the sunshine enough, and I gave my son the citrus-berry flavored multivitamin spray. I love the convenience of not having to get a glass of water to swallow a pill. This way I can keep it in a bedside drawer and assess my need for a vitamin D supplement before bed. The flavors are fresh, too!

Do you like getting free samples?

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