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It was my birthday on Friday and there was pouring rain off and on, so I stayed home with Baz Manchild; he bought Chinese take-out from my favorite place and a German chocolate cake. We had a good conversation about books while we ate. Perfection! I was supposed to meet some of the Friday Night Martini Girls at our old watering hole in the evening, but feeling stuffed from too much good food, and being put off by the lousy weather, made me take a literal raincheck.
My son, the bottomless pit, was so eager for dessert I only took time to put "LA" from "CELEBRATE" on my cake.

This was my birthday fortune.
Another favorite thing about Chinese take-out... egg rolls for breakfast!

What was in these pretty prezzies from Annemieke at A DANCE WITH BOOKS, all the way from the Netherlands?
The card is perfection because one of the Friday Night Martini Girls always greets me with, "What's up, squirrely?" I think she is the only one of the girls who thinks I'm weird. At least I hope she's the only one!
I love the cat pin... because, cats! The hug me picture is on my bookshelf for now, but I think I am going to make a place for it somewhere in my practice corner because after I am done practicing, and swearing, I need a hug.
And then there is my treasure! The Gollancz art cover Terry Pratchett book. I have been coveting Annemieke's Discworld Gollancz hardcovers since I first came across her shelf tours. This one also has a DRAGON on it, a SHINY DRAGON! You will be getting Bookstagram quality pics on Tuesday for the fall Top Ten Tuesday prompt. Thank you, Annemieke, I'm speechless.

An old music buddy sent me some of his favorite picks and told me to work on my "shitty pick technique", ha ha. He also gave me a lot of words of encouragement. There was a card, but I stuck it in a book and can't remember which one. Baz bought me a new guitar strap (bottom of photo), and he'll be getting me the illustrated Fantastic Beasts the next time we go to Barnes and Noble. He did not buy me a card! Although after the droopy boobs card he gave me last year, maybe that was a good thing. My sister is giving me a gift card and my mother and cousin David are both mad at me, so I expect nothing. *smirks*

Well, a little playing got done on my acoustic until... I BROKE A STRING! *blows raspberries* Luckily it was one I have extras of because I seem to love annihilating high Es, but my motivation to replace it was zero (I still haven't fixed it). I found a couple of my son's college music theory books and my pre-orchestration class text, and read a bit because I have forgotten so much theory. If you don't use it you lose it. I also got out the keyboard and intended to practice, but I forgot the power adapter has a short. All of this was in a way counterproductive because I lost focus. I need to get my solid body electric modified, so that I can start my private lessons with Eric, and have some structure to my practice. Speaking of Eric my tabs/instructional guy, ha ha, you didn't think I would have a wrap-up post without adding a couple of his vids; did you? He started his Halloween covers yesterday, so here's the brand spanking new one...
I was amazed at all the quotes I remembered from this crazy movie in the comments on this video. Even if you don't watch Eric's vids the comment section is always entertaining to read. Ha ha. Visit for the music stay for the conversation!
And here's one of last year's...

Oh, and I changed my music avatar. The other one was too girlie. It even has my star tattoo. And thanks to all my pallies on Facebook who put up with me changing out my profile picture every five seconds on Thursday until I liked it. That FUNKO POP YOURSELF site was just too much fun!

I am so happy I decided to read this book because it is not "racist" as the angry "give it one star on Goodreads and kill it before I've read it" mob would have you believe. It is anti-racism and also anti sexism and classism. The character speaking those racist (speciesist) quotes, the mob and their ringleader posted out of context, is a Draco Malfoy type character that the MC loathes (just like Harry Potter), so if you are going to demonize this story, you must also demonize the Harry Potter books. The MC is an empathetic, open-minded, and strongly Feminist character; very much like Hermione Granger. My son is biracial and he was reading it along with me (until the romance and dress shopping got to him, ha ha) and he gives it a thumbs up for being anti-racism.
I feel bad for the first Goodreads member to give this book five stars. The mob flagged his review so many times Goodreads deleted his account and banned him from the site. He had written over 300 reviews and they are all lost. He didn't have a blog, so they are gone forever. 

Just the ebook of The Black Witch because it was on sale for $1.99. Baz was reading my ARC and I wanted to read along.

My lovely Gollancz cover of Guards! Guards! from Annemieke.


I found a STAR WARS SHAKESPEAREAN SONNET GENERATOR. It's pretty cool! If you make one, copy and paste it in the comments so I can read it.

Talitha, from VICTORIAN SOUL CRITIQUES is posting one of my favorite Halloween features again this year MINI MACABRE REVIEW MONDAY! She finds free short stories for us to read and gives her thoughts about them. If you want to do some holiday themed reading, but don't want to commit to a novel, check out her suggestions!

We finally found a common cause on the She Shreads guitar group. SISTER ROSETTA THARPE, the Godmother of Rock and Roll, is on the list for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but she is way down in the voting on the fan page that will allow her to have one extra ballot in her favor when the Hall of Fame committee votes. She has been robbed of her rightful place for too many years. Please help us out and vote for her: HERE. You can vote once a day until December 5th. Thanks!

Covers With An Autumn Look


August / September Edition


Have a magical week!

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