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I changed my avatar on my Google account because I did the graphics for my YouTube channel and the music thing has a different branding. The only way I could change the YouTube image was to change Google Friends Connect. The La La in the Library commenting avatars should stay the same, but just in case this is what the music avatar looks like...
I am still La La, though. This image is on YouTube, my music Twitter @LaLasMusicStuff, and my Patreon account. I finally figured out Patreon, yay, and I am now a patron of 331EROCK, the tab/lessons guy. The branding has already paid off because he made the connection between me on Patreon and me on Twitter, in only two days. As soon as I get the trem locked down on my Dean I am going to start private online lessons with him. He is such a happy guy, everyone is calling him the Bob Ross of Metal. Ha ha. Here is his last upload, Castlevania...

After accompanying my son to the walk-in clinic last Sunday, I came down with the plague. That was one of the reasons there was only one post last week. I was feeling better this morning, but I think I broke my toe. Ugh.

I got tired of the he-man woman haters in the Dean (guitar) owners' Facebook group, so I messaged the She Shreds magazine's Facebook page and asked if they could start a closed group for female guitarists to discuss tech and gear, and to my surprise they had one up in less than 24 hours! The group is also for LGBTQ, and non-binary guitarists. It has been both a blessing and a curse, so far. The first day there was a good mix of ages and genres, but over the next couple of days the group was somewhat taken over by these white girls in their early to mid twenties, who "play" something called Shoegaze, or more precisely the subgenre: Sad Girl Rock. *insert eye roll here* A majority of them are from the Seattle area and seem to all be majoring in either Music Promotion or Sound Recording in college. Anyway, they seem to think how well you play is based on how many effects pedals you have. Ha ha, and they were posting videos of themselves "shredding". Here is the definition of shredding...

SHRED GUITAR, or shredding, is a virtuoso lead guitar solo playing style for the guitar, based on various complex playing techniques, particularly rapid passages and advanced performance effects. Music critics have stated that shred guitar is associated with "sweep-picked arpeggios, diminished and harmonic scales, and finger-tapping."

These girls are posting vids of themselves strumming guitars through effects |EXAMPLE| and then praising each other for how well they "shred". What they are doing is legitimizing mediocrity and wanting the same amount of recognition as those who practice diligently and know theory. Frankly, they are totally pissing me off. They are only reinforcing what the A-holes in the Dean group think about female guitarists. The environment was a little better on Saturday. I guess the real musicians all have day jobs. Ha ha. I wanted to post the above definition of shredding in the group, but we had been seriously warned about posting things that would incite heated discussions. Here is some real shredding...



My pre-order of the Kindle In Motion SORCERER'S STONE popped up on my Kindle carousel, but guess what? It doesn't play on the older Kindle Fires like mine. I don't know how long it will be before I buy another Fire because I have more music gear to buy now. It will be a while before I get to look at it.

I was given an eARC of this title. I wanted it for my October Zombie-thon. He also sent me a sticker and a very nice metal fidget spinner.
I love swiggety-swag!

Amber from THE MILE LONG BOOKSHELF offered up her thoughts on speculating about authors' and other book bloggers' private lives in posts: HERE.

I met the designer of this carry-all pouch on a Harry Potter social site when she was a young teen and "watched" her grow up through graduating and going through university to get her Bachelors in Marine Biology. She lives in Venezuela and the situation there right now is really grim. There is no employment and things can get dangerous. She is trying to make enough money to hopefully move herself, and her mother and father, to Spain. She took a hotel job in Panama, but the pay was so little she never had any extra to save for the move. She and her mother have been making handmade goods to sell locally, but I suggested she start a Society6 shop. I helped her out with the small fee the company needed in US dollars to open her account, so she drew a guitar design in my honor. What I did for her was really next to nothing, but it seems like she has thanked me a thousand times. I was so happy to be her first customer today in buying this pouch for all of my small guitar accessories. She hasn't got a lot of designs up yet, but if you could go and have a look, I would appreciate it. I will give you the heads up as she adds new ones. You can browse: HERE.

10 Books I Loved During My First Blogging Year

Have a magical week!

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