Friday, July 7, 2017


JULY 3rd 2017
Jo-Ann from INSPIRATION PIE has a feature where she takes photos during her walks and posts them to her blog. I love the idea and have decided to join her. You can see her latest walk photos: HERE.


I don't consider what I did on Monday a walk exactly because we parked in the parking lot at the library. Ha ha. However, I did walk to the gazebo in the reading garden to listen to the Juice Blenders, our high school's steel drum band.

The band is part of the curriculum for the Rod Serling School Of Fine Arts, from which my son graduated. He was in the band for two years and he loved it.

I did take a walk across the parking lot afterwards to snap a photo of our Victorian living history museum. Maybe in the future I'll take a tour and get some inside pictures for the blog post.

Next week I will try to take an actual walk!
Do you go to any local outdoor concerts during the summer?

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