Friday, September 9, 2016


TFF is based on TOP TEN TUESDAY by The Broke and the Bookish. I always frown in a defeated manner when trying to come up with ten answers for TTT, so...


I am going to do these in reverse order because my last choice is the king of this list!

Sebastian watched it with us, so my ex and I had an excuse! However, we continued to watch it after Sebastian stopped. They showcased some really great animals on this program. I loved it.

I found this on our cable company's BBC On Demand listings when I was looking for another program. I love Binka!
Here is a full episode...

It was first aired on PBS when I was a teenager and I can remember it having a mild cult following of high schoolers, of which I was one, of course.
Then in college I had to watch one episode every week and write a two page analytical for homework in Child Development (my original degree goal was Music Therapy). That rekindled my interest in the series and I sometimes watched more than one episode per week. Heh.
During Sebastian's elementary school days we had PBS on in the mornings , especially to watch Arthur, and Sesame Street came on right after Sebastian got picked up for school. I would keep it on that channel and watch it while I drank my first quiet cup of coffee for the day.

My ex was working at PBS when they first started airing this show, so even though Sebastian was too old for it at five years old we were still aware of it. He started bringing home tapes from the studio for me to watch, and it quickly became our decompression activity after dinner. Sebastian said we were weird, but we caught him standing in the living room doorway sneaking a peek quite a few times. Ha ha.
There was an article in the PBS newsletter a while later about a group of ER nurses who kept tapes of those shows in their breakroom for stress relief, so I guess we weren't alone in our feelings.
We also started a Teletubby collection. The first item was a Laa Laa plushie my ex found at the mall. It's spelled differently from my nickname, but he still thought it was cute. We ended up getting the rest of that collection which included a Noo Noo that had a pull string which made it vibrate. We had the PBS store collection of plushies and three sets of the McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I even had a Tubby Toast keychain!  I still have them all packed away.
The ex was going to get a Tubby Toast tattoo, but I advised him not to. Heh heh.

This show had a cult following, so I didn't have to hide my addiction. It started in 1986 when most people didn't have VCRs only video players, so you had to haul your butt out of bed at 10:00 in the morning on Saturdays to watch! It was a monumental feat for me in those days because if I didn't have a band gig I was out seeing someone else play, and those nights usually saw me arriving home at 5:00 am. I was really miffed if I was scheduled to work Saturday morning at my mall job (yes, I worked in the mall, ha ha) because I was off to work before it came on.
It was popular again when my son was little, so I was able to enjoy the shows once more with him.
Here is the opening sequence and theme song...
And who could forget LAWRENCE FISHBURNE as Cowboy Curtis?
And my favorite character, Jombi!
 "Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho" 
Have you ever watched Pee Wee's Playhouse, or another kid's show as an adult?

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