Monday, September 12, 2016


Last month my monthly blog views took a huge nosedive. I was down about 3,000 hits, which is nearly half of my visits from the three previous months. A week ago I decided to dip into my stat details and I found out that last month I had ZERO views from Canada when I usually have 2K+ visits from my neighbors north of the border. They used to be second only to my US hits. My next country is the UK with only around a 250 looks a month average, so losing my Northern friends is a big deal here in The Library!


This is what Cait from PAPER FURY had to say on Twitter...

And I do love and adore MAPLE SYRUP! I also love maple sugar candy...

As a child I went camping in Ontario for two weeks every summer when we went to pow wows. I have so many wonderful memories from those vacations.

Back to candy...
Candy rocks! My dad would go to this Canadian candy store each year, which was on our way back home from camping, and buy me a large white box of these edible stones. The middle was like jelly beans. I found out recently they can be ordered from Amazon. Mmmm...
In the mid to late 80s Toronto was a fabulous place to catch concerts. If a friend's band was opening on a rock tour, one of our favorite places to roadtrip and support them was Toronto. I heard The Forum isn't there any longer. *wipes tear* I loved that venue. It was on one of these trips I discovered...
We used to bring bags and bags back with us and anytime I heard someone was going to Canada I begged them bring me back a bag or two. They started carrying them here in the US about five years ago, but they are still a special treat because the availability is sporadic.
I have to make a trip back to Toronto because I recently found out that there is a street with my not so common last name in the city, and I want my picture taken underneath the sign.
And then there is this...
I first had it when my French class from college went to Quebec City. In fact I think I ate it at least ten times the week we were there. I cannot count the number of times I had it on trips to Toronto. I couldn't have any the last two times I was there because I had stopped eating meat. Do they have vegetarian poutine gravy now?
I must return to Quebec someday. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.
I also need to return to Canada for this...
It is on my bucket list to see a moose in the wild!
Now for some bookish love.

These are some of my favorite Canadian bloggers...
Eileen from BOOKCATPIN
Here she is with her cat RIPPLE! I am a member in good standing of the Ripple Fan Club.

I interact a lot with Shelly on Twitter. She is quite the diverse books promoter! @shellyscrambles

Ri posts about all sorts of things like books, fountain pens, and her gigantic nail polish collection.

Karen from ONE MORE PAGE
I interact with Karen quite a bit on her Facebook blogging page. I love the photos she shares there...
She also has a CAN LIT page on her blog.

I met Sabrina on a Goodreads fanpage for the Splintered trilogy by A.G. Howard. We are fellow Madlings and we have no book boyfriend jealousies because I love Jeb(alicious) and she has given her heart to that mothy guy Morpheus. Ha ha.
I realize the Canadian abandonment issue is most likely a Blogger analytics glitch, but it was fun putting this post together because I LOVE CANADA!
Have you been to Canada?

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