Sunday, December 20, 2015


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We received some snow here, but it will be gone for Christmas because it is going to be 64°F (17°C) on Christmas Eve Day! Sorry to say I will be loving it. I don't mind snow, but I have been reminded of how much I had been enjoying the unseasonably mild weather after three days of below freezing temps. Ha ha.

I was busy this week so this is all you get, ha ha!

Wednesday's WEIRD WORD was...
Which reminds me, if you are on Facebook and not following my FB sister page to this blog, you should. Why? Because it is not just a reposting page for things on my blog. I share posts to a lot of bookish news items which don't usually make it into blog posts. I also post links to a lot of giveaways and ebook deals. Many of the ebook deals I find are over by the time Sunday rolls around. You can take a look: HERE.

Historical Fantasy 99¢ ebook until December 24th.

I guess it was only $1.99 for one day because I just checked and it is regular price again.

$1.99 ebook. This will make Shannon from REX ROBOT REVIEWS very happy!

It was circulating around social media about this Facebook post. I guess Amazon is deleting reviews if they think you have any connection to the author; even as innocent as following them on Facebook or Twitter. The post explained that you need to go to your Amazon profile and unlink your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is best to take a look even if you don't think you are linked to your social media because my account was linked to Twitter and I don't remember ever doing this.

Our sassy little Cait from PAPER FURY is up for the Book Nerd of the Year Award! *throws confetti and toots a tin horn*

Please vote for her: HERE. This is important because she is the ONLY TRADITIONAL BOOK BLOGGER on the ballot. The others are booktubers and an IG blogger, not that there is anything less about those platforms, but Cait is representing us! I guess we can vote once a day because I was able to vote again when I went to get the link.

There will be a TELL ME TUESDAY and I am working on a holiday post of family traditions for a WHATCHA THINKIN' BOUT  WEDNESDAY post. I hope to have some configuation of a STACKING THE SHELVES on Saturday, but seeing that it will be three months worth I will not be including ARCs or free ebooks. There will also be a Christmas themed Kookies and Milk feature on my Children's book blog TICKLING DRAGONS.


  1. We're supposed to have the same weather- unseasonably warm. And like you, i'll take it. Yeah I SAY I want snow on Christmas, but I won't be heartbroken if we don't. Who needs slippery roads? :)

    Off to vote for Cait.

    I love the cats in the window!

    1. The last two winters were so long and sub-zero that it is going to take me a while to look forward to snow again. Ha ha. Thanks for voting, too. :)

  2. SCORPIO RACES!!!!!!!!!! Drop everything. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

  3. Given all my central heating issues, I'm also thankful for this unseasonably warm winter!
    I voted for Cait because as you said, she's the only regular book blogger and also because she's the only I knew in the whole list!
    I really need to see if The Scorpio Races is on sale on Amazon ES too!


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