Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Welcome to the release day blitz for book two in The Union Trilogy. Happy book birthday LIGHT THE WAY! Keep reading for a fab GIVEAWAY!
With a surname like Kipling, Joe's future as a writer might have been predetermined at birth. . . well at least it assured her a good place on the bookshelves. An avid traveller she spent many years backpacking around the world and has by pure luck managed to avoid catastrophe, although she has been known to miss a flight or two.
She now lives in West Yorkshire and if she's not at home writing she’ll be found hiking in the hills around her house with her dog Rosie.
Joe's debut novel, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, was published by Cillian Press in 2013. Light the Way is her follow up novel and the second book in THE UNION TRILOGY.
Having escaped the boundary and the tyranny of the Neighborhood and now under the protection of the Union, MaryAnn Hunter is slowly re-building her life as a fugitive on the Outside.
When a friend asks for help MaryAnn finds herself on a dangerous rescue mission that takes her on a terrifying journey and back into the desperate clutches of the Director and the Light.
MaryAnn faces a fight for survival against insurmountable odds - but is it a fight she is willing to win at any cost?
Light the Way is the second book in The Union Trilogy.
Ebook release coming soon!

1. My rainy day film is Flash Gordon released in 1980. It's also the inspiration behind the name for Peter's dog.

2. I hate wigs. I would rather hold a tarantula in my hand than touch a wig.

3. Sometimes I talk to my dog Rosie and when she answers back she sounds like Dobby.

4. I'm addicted to Pepsi Max and I drink it for breakfast.

5. I was seven when I went to the cinema with my dad and sister to see Star Wars: A New Hope. It's been my favourite film ever since, and yes, I am insanely excited about the new release.

6. I am the world's worst traveler: trains, planes, automobiles... it doesn't matter, they're always delayed.

7. I love, love, love the Ramones. Sheena is a Punk Rocker is my favourite song.
8. I get annoyed by people who wear Ramones t-shirts, and when I ask them to name their favourite song, they don't know who the band is. They just think the t-shirt is cool... please don't do it.

9. I am distantly related to Rudyard Kipling. My sister can explain it. I'm no good with family trees.
10. Afternoon tea is my favourite meal of the day... especially if it involves vintage china.

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  1. I seriously need to start reading the first book STAT!! (once I find it in one of the million book boxes still unopened...)
    Also, cannot wait to hear what you'll think of it, La La!
    And I agree with the author about not wearing tees of bands (and/or movies & shows) if you know nothing about them!!

    1. Yes, the T-shirt thing gets me too! I have started reading and I love it do far. I had gotten tired of reading Dystopians, but these are very different. :)


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