Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This is the final publication cover, so don't ask.

I think the artist needs a refresher course in drawing eyes.


I don't get it, if it is cold enough to be wearing an fur-lined Elmer Fudd hat, why would you not be wearing a shirt? A coat? And I always love covers that have people pointing guns at my face.

First of all it looks like an alien, which would have nothing to do with the undead. Secondly, its hair looks too fabulous for having just emerged from the grave.

Now, I remember the Fruitcake Lady from Jay Leno's Tonight Show. You can't tell me the woman didn't have promo pictures.

I just... um.


This poetry must stink.

I want to go.

It looks like someone had a bloody nose and sneezed on the cover.

I hate getting lipstick on my teeth, too.

Duck herding? I wonder if it has good benefits.

If this was in a bookstore, that is exactly what I would do.


I know! A lot of people seem to have wheat intolerance these days.

Did their faces melt into each other? I guess that was some hot kiss! They are gingers though, maybe they are sucking each other's souls out. 

Dream BIG they say!

Um... where does he live that lakes are frozen over in the fall?

Great cover... baaaaaaaaaaad title.

Don't let your two year old draw your book's cover art.

What is the worst book cover art or title you have come across?


  1. This was too funny!! I had a couple of good laughs as I was scrolling through. Great post, and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday

  2. Some really really weird covers in this batch for sure!! And some of them really even clash with the title!

    1. I still haunt the First Reads giveaway pages on Goodreads and I "collect' these cover and title images. I thought I would start sharing a few now and again. :)

  3. Lol, "I want to leave." These are definitely some bizarre covers and titles...I'm an unapologetic cover whore. If I see a cover I like I'll immediately try and find a copy of the book to read. If the cover is bad...chances are I'm not touching it unless someone I trust tells me to.

    1. I have seen some really great covers done with free stock photos and photoshop, so no excuses for the self pubs. Although I have a college friend who writes, and he would probably use a cover like Bailee the Dog Groomer's on purpose. Ha!

  4. Heh. Got a pretty good giggle out of these. XD

  5. Hahahahah, oh man. I need that today *wipes tear from eye*


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