Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This is going to be a strange TMT because BLOGGER is not letting me copy and paste the INTRO! It is putting a big square hole right through to the background in place of the text. I changed the HTML to take away the border and shadow I have always hated around the images, so I hope that is not what is screwing things up. GRRRRRRR!

I am still in a reading slump and only listening to my Wizard of Oz collection and I haven't even done that in four days.

So today I am going to tell you a little bit about the three people who regularly follow this feature and then a bit about the feature itself.

PILI from IN LOVE WITH HANDMADE was my first and faithful follower. She had to take a little break because she bought an apartment, and has had endless running around and dealing with banks and contractors. But she is back with us now and posted her 29th TMT last week! Pili lives in Spain, and loves to give lots of *squishy hugs* on Twitter. She is a dedicated nurse who, when she is not reading, loves to travel the world, make book themed cupcakes, and take photographs of both of these passions. I love Pili's TMT posts because most times she is showing me a book I didn't know too much about. She is a well rounded reader/blogger because she participates in so many themed reading challenges. Her new apartment has a library guestroom, and she has invited me to come for a visit and sleep with the books! 


SHANNON from REX ROBOT REVIEWS will be posting her 25th TMT this week, HERE. Fabulous! Thank goodness she was around to keep me company on Tuesdays while Pili was busy. I love Shannon's TMT posts because she has a co-blogger and not only does she let us know what she is reading, but also what is coming up for her as a tandem read and review. I can't get enough of their double discussion reviews. I like seeing how their opinions contrast and agree on different elements of the story. She also lets us know what she is reading with her five year old daughter, which is great because so many bloggers have young children they read with. In fact, Shannon and her daughter are taking over the conversation in my Children's blog monthly feature, Kookies and Milk. Kaleb's mommy took on a co-blogging position, along with her own solo blog, and couldn't quite fit K&M into their schedule any longer. I am excited about their first review on Tickling Dragons!


ELIZABETH from SO LONG... & THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH joins us when she can. She has several jobs going on, along with her musical endeavors. I adore Elizabeth's TMT posts because a good portion of the time her books are a little on the strange side, and I love weird twisty stories. She also posts children's books on a regular basis because one of her employments is being a nanny to two book loving little boys. I met Shannon on Elizabeth's blog!

After a brain frying Twitter party (my head hurts just thinking about those things) for Armchair BEA 2014, an old blogging buddy of mine and myself, came up with the TMT feature idea in response to so many of the tweeting Bloggers saying there was really no feature for showcasing one's current and next read. However, I guess the need wasn't too great because TMT is still struggling to get a footing. People have said it is because Tuesday features are difficult with the uber-popular Top Ten Tuesday going on, and I agree. Not many bloggers like to post more than once in a day. Even my feature co-host decided to leave for the shiny TTT. So I am blowing kisses to my three regulars. Thanks for keeping me company here on Tuesdays. 

It is easy to take part. You can use the images below, and do what ever tweaking your heart desires. The feature is for talking about what books you are reading now, and why, and what you are choosing next from your TBR
 pile, and why. I call it my hippie laid back feature because you can post as frequently, or as infrequently, as you want. Sometimes if I am on the fence about an upcoming read, or several different ARCs I will ask my readers for suggestions. I also prompt them at the bottom to tell me what they are reading. Before I started doing The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves, I used Tell Me Tuesday to talk about which ARCs I had requested/received and books I had recently added to my TBR, or interesting books I had seen on other blogs that I couldn't help but add to my list. If you are a blogger who doesn't like to do a ton of blog posts, this feature is perfect for you. When you have posted a TMT let me know on Twitter, here in the comments, or by email. When I get 12 regular followers, I will get a Linky.

1. I follow your blog.
2. I follow you on Twitter.
3. Until I get a Linky, I will show your TMT link at the beginning of my post.
4. I G+ your post.
5. I tweet your post.
6. I will faithfully comment on your TMT post.
7. I add the link to your feature post, in the comments under my TMT post link, on my La La in the Library Facebook page. Which goes a long way because when I do the Tuesday FB link-up Boost It Tuesday (usually on Wednesday), I make sure the TMT post is on the top of my page, and that is usually the post the other boosters comment on.
8. I will give you a Pili inspired *big squishy hug*.



  1. I AM TOTALLY GOING TO LINK UP ONE OF THESE DAYS! I PROMISE!! i Get in such ruts is the only problem and just do what I've always been doing. >_> But shaking up the schedule is fuuuun. So this is on my to-do-list (particularly since i'm planning to only doing Sunday Post kind of posts only once a month). :D

    1. I only do Stacking the Shelves once a month and I was thinking about doing WOW, but I would rather just add it to my TMT. I would love you to join us, even if it was only once a year!

    2. Cait, you should definitely do this one! Especially since I know you don't always review the library books you read. This would be a fun way for your reader (aka me) to see what you are reading!

  2. *big squishy hugs* Aweeee, you made me a lil teary eyed with this post, Linda!!

  3. Awww! Thanks for this post! I love TMT because it is easy and helps fill the void when I am overwhelmed/underwhelmed by TTT. Plus, I like showcasing the books I'm reading because I don't review every book I read. Thank YOU for coming up with such a fun feature!

    1. I don't review most books I read here on the blog, so same reasons for me, plus if a book is bothering me I can voice that opinion here, too. :)


    Thanks for the lovely shout out - it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :). And I keep forgetting you have other blogs - I need to check them out more often! I'm excited you and Shannon are teaming up (I feel like a friend matchmaker right now haha!)


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