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Once again I am coming up short. I guess I just didn't read enough 2014 releases. Either that, or I am just too picky! I only came up with five, so to make up for it I am going to give you a mind's eye example of each.

First up is JEB from the SPLINTERED series. He is a skater boy and a painter. Both of these attributes are close to my heart. I once dated a skater boy, so it brings back fond memories, ha ha, I used to get a butterfly infestation in my stomach when I came home from work and saw his skateboard propped up against the wall by my back door. Anyway, Jeb is sensitive and protective, and I love that in a guy,  We had to wait until the last cover to see what the author envisioned him to be...

But before that, it was up to my mind's eye and I pictured my favorite male model Miles McMillan.

Close, huh?


There was also another character in this storyline contending for Alyssa's affections...

but I will not speak his name, Morpheus.


GATES OF THREAD AND STONE introduced me to AVAN; a boy with a sordid and foggy past. He is also the caretaking kind, and again, I like that. Vigilant not in a hovering way, but still keeping a safe eye on things. He has Kai's back, solidly, and I admire that. Again, my fave model Miles was my idea of Avan, but a different look of modeling MilesThis is good because with the Splintered trilogy ending, I don't want him to be out of a job! Hehe.


Ah, my sweet CHASE from OF BREAKABLE THINGS. The MC Alex has a life threatening and debilitating condition; and being the boy nextdoor, he has grown up watching out for her. There is something so endearing about childhood friendships blossoming into a first love. Maybe that is what attracts me to Jeb in the Splintered series, and Avan in Gates of Thread and Stone, too. I do not like insta-love. And we all know how I feel about love triangles...

This story doesn't have one. There is tension created by an unrequited love scenerio, but that is all.

Now, this mind's image is a bit more difficult to conjure up because Chase is a mixture of a boy I used to have a crush on when I was Alex's age (I don't have any photos of him), and Jamie Campbell-Bower. Sweeny Todd character JCB, to be exact.


so sweet.


from QUEEN OF THE TEARLING. The masked renegade.The wildcard. Just when you think you know who he might be... you don't. A little arrogant, but definitely charming. In my mind it could be no one else but Eric Balfour of Haven fame.


TOURNOUR from TIN STAR  is a little difficult because he is an alien. He is humanoid, so that helps a bit. He has antennae that the MC Tula Bane learns convey emotions in Tournour's alien race, the Loor. He also has this special gift, hehe... you will have to read the book to find out what it is. Let's just say I wish my ex had that talent. Beyond that special skill, I loved once again how he had Tula's back, yet wasn't  smothering. In my mind Tournour resembles Domhnall Gleeson, better know as Bill Weasley.

With antennae...

I wish human guys had antennae that we could read their emotions from!

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  1. I always have the opposite problem. I can't cut my list down enough! I haven't read any of these. Really want to read Queen of Tearling and the A.G. Howard Splintered series.

    Best Book Boyfriends of 2014

    1. I am sad the Splintered series is over. There is going to be another novella in the spring, but I want more novels! She said she might write more books about her version if Wonderland, but they would not be about the original characters. Thanks for the hop stop!

  2. YAY! I have Tin Star now so I can meet Bill Weasly with antennae!! ;)

  3. Ha ha, you might prefer the human love interest in the book, there is one of those, too. :)

  4. Great picks (cept the first heheh) sorry it took me so long to make my rounds.

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    1. Thanks! The post background is supposed to be a putty color. It changed on the laptop version, but this mobile version still has the green Christmas color. Weird.

    2. Thank goodness, it finally changed from the Christmas color!


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