Monday, December 29, 2014


Pili from IN LOVE with HANDMADE is lucky I luff her so much. I want to pinch her for tagging me. *wuzzies*

Do you have a favorite winter read?

Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Find a book with a blue cover.


What book would you use as a star on a Christmas tree?

I have not read this book, nor do I own it, but I worship the loveliness of its cover!


Pick a fictional place perfect for a winter vacation.


What fictional character would you take with you on your winter vacation?

Name on book on your wish list this year.

Worst Witch #7 so I have the entire set.


Favorite holiday drink, treat, and movie.

There is a brand of egg nog sold in our area called Purity. I love it because it tastes more like melted vanilla ice cream than traditional egg nog (I bet you thought I was going to say something with vodka). My favorite holiday treat would be lasagna made with sauce from my favorite Italian restaurant, The Little Venice. My favorite holiday movie isn't really a Christmas movie, it is Little Women; the one with Sarandon and Ryder.

As usual, if you like this tag, consider yourself tagged. Make sure you come back and leave your link in the comments, so I can drop by for a look see!


  1. Yaaaay!!! Thank you for doing the tag!! =D

  2. Lasagne, mmm! This used to be my favourite meal when I was little. Now that place goes to chicken and bacon pie, but Lasagne is still really high on the list.
    Great answers. I really enjoyed reading this post!

    1. Thanks!! A little break from all of the serious end of the heart blog posts. :)


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