Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ha ha, this is going to be a normal TMT for a chasnge!

TELL ME TUESDAY is a feature that oozed from the brains of Brittersweet from PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM, and myself, after a mind-melting Armchair BEA Twitter party. It is a weekly, or bi-weekly feature depending on your reading style, where we ask you what you are reading now, and why, and what you will be reading next from your TBR pile, and why.  Pili from In Love With Handmade is our first lovely follower, and we luff her so much! We are all so curious why people read what they read. 


I am finishing up my last two review books for the year. I seem to have been doing more blogging things these last couple of weeks, so I am still reading the Napoleon Xylophone sequel, Xyz, which came from the publisher at the request of the author. I also read my first graphic novel last week, The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. I really enjoyed it. It was pretty off-beat. I won a beautiful hardcover edition from First Reads, and am sending it off to my cousin, Aphid (David), now that I am finished. Gotta love those free Sir Isaac Newton Birthday celebration gifts. I just started another review ebook from Kathy at I Am a Reader Not a Writer, Ghost Moon Night. It doesn't specify, but I think it is a Horror story, and it is set in the Philippines.
It was whispered years ago that when a pirate cursed a Philippine village with langbuan, or flying undead, a boy received a secret that would protect him from certain death. But even armed with a secret, can anyone survive the undead for long? ~ Goodreads synopsis

SO... from the day after Christmas, until St. Patrick's Day, it is my self proclaimed Winter of My Self (reading) Content!! I will be reading what I want, when I want.

Yes, I might even read a book about electronics, guitar electronics most likely
I will read where I want...

and drink copious amounts of delicious hot beverages! 

Here is a list of definites:

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series ~ Donaldson (re-read of first six plus four new to me editions)

The Retribution of Mara Dyer ~ Hodkin (trilogy finale)

Ruin and Rising ~ Bardugo (trilogy finale)

Dance of the Red Death ~ Griffin (duology finale)

In the Age of Love and Chocolate ~ Zevin (trilogy finale)

Enders ~ Price (duology finale)

Toxic Heart ~ Lawrence (sequel)

Flame ~ Ryan (trilogy finale)

The Island ~ Hall (trilogy finale)

Jackaby ~ Ritter

In the Shadow of the Mountains ~ Graham  (and any other other Books of Lost Knowledge/Liminosity books I can get my hands on)

Cobweb Bride ~ Nazarian (finish reading)

The Waking Engine ~ Edison (finish reading)

The Goldfinch ~ Tart (finish reading)

The Maguire Oz books ( re-read Wicked and finish the series)

The Infinite ~ Lee (Gates of Thread and Stone sequel ARC hopeful)

Of Beakable Things sequel ~ Rolland (ARC hopeful)

List of possibles:

The Night Circus

The Throne of Glass series

The Raven Boys Books

Bitter Greens

The Iron Trail

Salt and Storm

Dorothy Must Die

Egg and Spoon

The Girl With All the Gifts

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Going Bovine

The Smoke and Bone Books

I am sure I am forgetting some...


  1. I hope you will enjoy all your reads La! I feel like I need to re-read Wicked myself, because after seeing the musical I'm itching to refresh myself of the book (since they're slightly different).

    Enjoy reading what you want, when and where you want!!

  2. Thanks, I am not even finished with my review books and I am feeling free just thinking about it!!

  3. Ohhhh sounds like fun! Enjoy your enjoyable reads 😝 I have a killer cold so I barely able to read 😷

    1. Feel better. Sending some of those delicious hot beverages your way!! *wuzZies*

  4. Replies
    1. I have seen other bloggers change their designs for holidays (Halloween, Valentines, Christmas), so I thought I would try it out. It was fun. Happy Holidays!!


    A horror story set in the Philippines?! Why didn't you tell me of this earlier, love?! I'd love to read that! I'll check it out on Goodreads right now!! XD

    Faye at The Social Potato

  6. I was going to recommend it to you when I reviewed it on Goodreads. *grins sheepishly* Actually, if it was good I would have mentioned it on Twitter before that. :)

  7. WOAH THAT IS A LOT OF BOOKS. I hope you get through them!! I've got a lot of series finales I want to finish next year. >.> I get so distracted, but seriously I want to know how Leigh Bardugo's series finishes aaaand Laini Taylors. *sigh* There are way too many books.
    Speaking of which, I really need to finish reading Wicked. xD

  8. Ha, yes you must finish Wicked. I had Ruin and Rising's ending spoiled for me, but I love Bardugo's writing so much I am still feverishly looking forward to reading the book. I know it is a lot of books, but I am hoping that because I am not obligated to reviewing them right away, not having to do reviews other than my GR minis will free up a big chunk of reading time.


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