Thursday, December 20, 2018

BOOK CRUST - December Edition - Ruin and Rising


I am linking up my monthly Wednesday Whatnot and Book Crust posts with Carole's Random Life in Books, BOOKS FROM THE BACKLOGfeature.
This will be the last "Book Crust" by title. The new secondary font I will be using in 2019 doesn't go well with the bread image, so from now on this feature will be known as Book Jacket.

These are the newest GRISHA TRILOGY paperback covers. They are stunning!
This cover art is also being used for the Kindle ebooks.

I pre-ordered the hardcover of this book because I loved the first two so much, but the day after it came out I was spoiled on a non-spoilery blog review, by the first commenter, for THE BIG SPOILER! It wasnt an accident either. The blogger and I agreed that the way it was worded it was definitely on purpose. Also, the commenter had never commented on that blog before. Anyway, this made me lose all my excitement to read the book, in fact, I cried over it. I recently bought the ebook on sale, so this should nudge me along.

If you are interested in eye-balling some of the summer release 2019 YA covers, hop on over: HERE.

Are there any books you have been spoiled for?

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