Wednesday, March 29, 2017


How Do You Handle Negative Comments?

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I have never gotten any negative comments about the content of my posts. There have been some rude and/or passive aggressive comments and I love to answer them with a simple, "Hmm... really?" Ha ha!
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Once when I first started blogging a blogger told me that my blog was suffering from "personality leakage", and that I should have a look at her blog to see what a successful blog looked like. I think I deleted her comment. I am curious now if I did. I need to go back and look. Heh heh.
During one of my giveaways a person told me if I wanted entrants to "follow by Bloglovin" I needed to have a bigger BL' button (it was the standard button BL' issues), and it needed to be the top widget on my sidebar. The funny thing is I went to her blog and her BL' button was about 12 widgets down and it was half the size of my button. At first I was passive aggressive back and changed my button to the gigantic one you see today and asked her if it was big enough now. Ha ha. Plus, I told her to mind her own blog before commenting about someone else's, and let her know I had visited her blog. After my reply was up for a couple of hours I realized it made me look like a jackass, so I deleted both my reply and her comment.
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Now Goodreads is another story. Yikes!
How do you take care of negative comments?

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