Sunday, May 17, 2020

SUNDAY CHAT #8 Less Books. More Music.


Hello, lovely library lions and beautiful book dragons! How is everone doing? In New York State there will be slow openings based on "regions". My county happens to be one of the slow opening regions and I'm worried because there are different levels and we are supposed to be on level one, but some stores and restaurants seem to think we are on levels two or three. There seems to be no oversight, nor communication. Our public school preschool classes are closed until the fall semester, but for some reason the private preschools are opening. Preschoolers don't wear masks and you know how close they get to each other! Restaurants are still supposed to be take-out only, but some sound like they are fully opening on Monday. It's scary because two of my friends live in the St. Louis area, and they started a slow opening and there was an immediate up tick in Corona Virus cases about two weeks later. For me this all means my son will be exposed to more sick customers at work and more likely to bring the virus home. I am so weary of the constant sanitizing I have to do, and not being able to be in the same room with him.

And yes... you read that right: less books, more music. For some reason my EDS symptoms have escalated in the last few months. I was thinking it was the stress from all the Covid-19 worries, but then I realized it started in February; plus does stress effect genetic diseases, anyway? I am considering myself lucky, though, because a YouTuber I watch; who hadn't been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome when I first started following her channel, is in her thirties and has a level of symptoms I didn't have until my fifties.
Anyway, I figure I can read and listen to audiobooks no matter how physically incapacitated I become, but playing guitar... not so much. So I will be cutting back to one book a week, maybe less, and intensifying my guitar playing. I'm hoping my Harry Potter fandom posts will continue to keep this blog afloat because from past experience, I know my music posts didn't garner much interest. I will, however, continue to do Tell Me Tuesday posts every week!
I ran an idea past some of my old music buddies about doing a guitar orchestra like the one in the video below. I don't foresee myself being able to stand up all night for regular band gigs in the future, so it's perfect for me. Everyone was interested and I am excited!

Are your areas opening up? How will this affect you?

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