Sunday, February 16, 2020

BLOGGY BLAGH - Other Social Media Platforms Book Bloggers Use


If someone had asked me this question and not given me time to think I most likely would have said Twitter and Instagram, but in reality it's most definitely Goodreads and Instagram and in that order, too!

I think maybe I forgot Goodreads because most of the people I interact with on GR are either not bloggers, or have blogs I don't have time to regularly follow. Instagram has almost overtaken Twitter for me and I see it passing the tweeting community some time soon. Twitter has become too toxic for me. I'm tired of teenagers and Betty Bougie "I'm only here for the hip factor" White suburbanite "activists" screaming at me to "educate myself" about things I know because I studied them in college, lived them, or worked in that field. I also love the creative aspect of IG.


I need to mention Facebook, not because of my book blog account, but because my two larger Harry Potter Fandom pages pull in a lot of traffic when I post my The Snidget Magical News Bulletin, and my Bumbershoot's Magical Living Magazine feature. Not to say my blog account isn't fabulous, too. Ha ha. I post a lot of bookish news articles on it which I have no space for here. You should check it out!


I've been hearing tons of great things about Pinterest as of late, so if you are a bookish pinner let me know your ways!

Which social media platforms do you use the most, and why do you like them? I want to know!

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