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TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature, depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading next from your tbr pile, and why. I am curious why people read what they read, so tell me!

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Publishes - March 13th - Netgalley

Publishes February 20th - Netgalley
If you want a thought provoking read... this will fill the bill!

Publishes February 20th - Netgalley
This would have been pretty good as an anthology length short story. There was just too much repetitive filler around the good parts.

This is my third Black female author for my own personal Black History Month Challenge! I am liking this, but it is pretty much standard Fantasy and I have found myself putting it down to read other books inbetween. That's how I had time to finish both the ARCs. At this point, about 6O% in, it's a solid three stars for me.

This is part of THE COLOR PURPLE trilogy. Seeing that it encompasses the Civil Rights Movement it must be a sequel. It will be my fourth Black Female author read in February.

The Manchild finished the second DUNE book, DUNE MESSIAH and quickly picked up the third book, CHILDREN OF DUNE. When he is finished will he start the second trilogy right away? Maybe decide to go back to the DRESDEN FILES? Start A GAME OF THRONES? Stay tuned...

This week's prompt is a Valentine's freebie, and you know how I am like oil and water with anything romancey, so I had to time travel back all the way to my teen years to find the two true love stories I managed to recall.

My best friend was begging me to read The Hobbit with her in seventh grade and I couldn't get into it. Her mother was the junior high school librarian and she recommended Jane Eyre to me. Okay, now that I am thinking about it I was twelve in seventh grade, so not quite a teen yet. Anyway... I ate the story up and read it again immediately. I also remember borrowing it from the public library that summer, and also planning a slumber party around the 1947 movie, when it was on a late night classic films television show. Yes, I am that old, there weren't even VCRs back then. Ha! I think I have read it three more times, which includes listening to the audiobook a couple of years ago. I still love and adore it. I also love the Zefferelli movie remake from the late 1990s. I haven't seen the 2011 mini-series; have you? Should I watch it?

This image is of the exact paperback I read back in the '70s. I don't have it anymore unless it is in my mother's attic. In fact, now that I am thinking about it it may have been one of the books that was a pass-around among my friends. I remember loving it as a teen and bawling my eyes out at the end. I read it again as an adult and didn't like it as much. I still cried my head off, though. I'd like to give it another try because the re-read was right after my split with The Ex, and I was extra allergic to anything romantic at that time. Heh heh. It's only 125 pages, so maybe I'll try and read it for Valentine's Day tomorrow. I also like the movie a lot. I never did figure out the line... "Love means never having to say you're sorry." It made no sense to me even as a teenager. No, love means apologize for all the crappy things!
What are you reading? Tell me!
Did you, or have you, read anything special for Valentine's Day?

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