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I tell you how glorious THE SMELL OF OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES was to read and what I was planning on grabbing from my TBR next.

Scariest Moments In Life

Top Five Recent Out Of My Comfort Zone Reads

One of my best friends I met in homeroom in 10th grade, and fellow musician, died from a brain tumor last year and his old manager and her husband chose to send me one of only 14 copies of a nine CD memorial compilation they made of his music. It spans from his days in bar bands here in Binghamton, to his solo recordings in California, and on to Chicago, and Nashville with The Outlaws, Leslie West, Foghat, Badfinger, and everything in-between. I was truely honored and I teared up just holding the case in my hands.
Back in the 80s I had a sign on my backdoor that said, "There are no rockstars allowed in this house. Leave your egos at the door." Bill was probably the most successful of all of us, yet he was the one person that sign never once applied to. He was always humble and down to earth; always helping someone. He was a beautiful soul.

I won a set of four hardcover TIMMY FAILURE Middle Grade books from the LOGONAUTS children's blog. They are in the same vein as the Captain Underpants series.  Behind the top book are some Judy Blume posters I picked up at the library, and am going to use as flash giveaways on Twitter.

It was $1.99 yesterday, but it is already back up to $4.99 today.
This one is still $1.99 today. I have no idea where my paperback is and I wanted to re-read it.
This was also $1.99 and is already back up to $11.99! It's a collection of 25 of Gaiman's short stories.

I think this is an Adult Mystery. I saw it on Catherine's blog I WISH I LIVED IN A LIBRARY. I was strongly drawn to the cover, but after reading the synopsis on NG I wanted to read it. It seems to have the same flavor as THE THIRTEENTH TALE and I loved that book even though it was a mystery, and not my thing. 
This one was a Read Now. It is an indie Middle Grade.

Researchers are on the verge of tracking down the world's oldest story. You can read about their methods in this TOR.COM article.
They think it is probably about a man and a visit from the devil. Ha ha!
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And definitely this month's BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FOR WRITERS. I had to do some shimmying with the questions because the February list was about romantic relationships and both of my WIP stories are Middle Grade. Hehe. Also, I posted a snippet of Hidden Magic on an author's weekly feature, so now that it is free range I will be adding it to the BPFW post!

There will also be my COYER (Clean Out Your E-Reader) challenge wrap-up post. I cannot believe it is over already! I think by Friday I will have read 14 free/nearly free ebooks since December 20th.

With COYER over I am free to join up with Kimba's MARCH TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR TBR CHALLENGE. Which starts on the 1st.
I desperately need this because I will be beginning my March ARCpocalypse! I have 12 ARCs for March and I only usually read eight books a month and I cannot start ahead because I still have two ARCs left to read for this month! So much for getting any of my April review books finished ahead of time.
Have a spectacular week!


  1. Aw, I am sorry about your friend, though. D: Sadness...

    But good on you for scoring so many ebook deals! You've utterly convinced me on the Smell of Other People's houses. xD I have it on my wishlist. hehe And I hope you like Mary Poppins better than I did. :P

    1. I probably won't like Mary Poppins either because of worshipping the totally different vibe movie for 50+ years. Ha ha, but like Peter Pan, which I have also never read, I feel a duty to get a taste of the original story. :)

  2. What a week! Loved your Beyond the Books post, great stories (though not at the time, right?). I liked your tour story, somehow I can see that happening in some little town somewhere. Glad you survived!

    Nice tribute to your friend as well, very moving. Have a nice week. :)

    1. It was weird. When I first saw the prompt was a scary moment, I was thinking the dog attack immediately, but then all these other things flooded in. Ha ha. I had lost contact with my friend for about ten years and had just reconnected with him on Facebook. About six months later he was diagnosed with his brain cancer.

  3. I'm sorry about your friend!

    I'm doing Take Control of Your TBR as well, pretty excited to get to it! Although it sounds like you have a busy month of reading ahead of you in any case!

    1. Yeah. I looked at the books and they are all titles I really wanted to read, no fluff, so it has to be done. I will be looking forward to your challenge post. :)

  4. I must read your review of the Smell of Other People's Houses. I have the book!! I am so glad you are joining in for the TBR is the one month I truly attack my own piles!!

    1. I need the challenge because there isn't one book on the ARC list that is put-a-sidable!

  5. I'm going to try and do the Take Control challenge, if I can get myself to put together a post. I've been feeling sort of low, and reading (actual reading, not audiobooks) has been really low on my priorities this past month, so we'll see how it goes.

    I hope you have an awesome week La La

    1. Actual reading for me has been low too. I have been doing a lot of text-to-speech on my Kindle. I am thankful for two things: that all my ARCs are ebooks and that the newer text-to -speed voices on my newest Kindle Fire are pretty perfect. The voices on my other one get annoyng after a while. I hope you get to feeling better once the seasons change. :)

  6. So sorry to hear about your friend but that is a lovely thought to get the CD, I can't imagine how emotional that must have been for you.

    I must borrow my daughters Mary Poppins book, I loved seeing the film Saving Mr Banks and I can imagine a lot of that is speculation but it made me really want to see Mary Poppins again.

    Have a great week!

    1. I read Cait's Mary Poppins review when I saw it on Goodreads looking for an image, and had no idea the literary Poppins was a meany! Ha ha. It should be an interesting read. :)

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend LaLa... At least you have all his best music together to remember him in the best way possible!

    1. Thank-you. I am hoping to start fund raising some time this year for a music scholarship in his name at our high school.


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