Sunday, February 14, 2016


THE SUNDAY POST is a weekly wrap-up feature hosted by Kimba at the Caffinated Book Reviewer.

It is a chance to recap the previous week, share news, showcase books and/or bookish things we have received, and tell about what is coming up on our blog in the next week. You can view the guidelines, HERE.

I tell you what I read last, what I was currently reading, and what was on deck. 
This week the question was, "Do people know you blog?" I saw a lot of different answers to this question on my rounds. I would love to know your answer, so stop by the post and chat.
I started getting a chest cold Thursday night, so seeing that I planned on listing my favorite classic Valentine's titles for my Top Five Friday, and probably a million billion other bloggers mentioned the same books, I didn't post a TFF. If I had these would have been the titles...
There was, however, a little excitement for me on Thursday because one of my favorite authors, Lori M. Lee, listed my review of her first book GATES OF THREAD AND STONE as her favorite for the #AuthorLifeMonth Challenge!
And yes, I do watch Dance Moms, hehe; it reminds me of when my son did regional theater. Stage moms will be stage moms. The director reminded me of a male Abby, too! I realize the show has gotten more and more scripted over the seasons, but I still love watching the dance routines.
Cait from PAPER FURY has set up a SOCIETY6 SHOP. There was a special 20% off sale last week with free shipping, so I bought a throw pillow cover. It arrived Thursday.
Here it is in the wild with our cat, Attie.
She was a little disgruntled because the new pillow was touchng her sleeping pillow and she was giving me the stink-eye. It needs a little bit bigger insert, but I couldn't wait to put it on my bed and used one I already had.
Next time there is a sale I am getting this skin for my laptop from Cait's shop!
My son has his very first serious girlfriend this year and helping him with ideas for Valentine's Day has been so much fun! He called me from the florist for help yesterday, too. It is always nice to be needed for more than cooking. Heh.
The big news last week was the announcement of a book for HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD. It is the rehearsal script for the Westend London play of the same name, and will be 320 pages in length. This is not supposed to be the final cover art. The release date is July 31st. I wonder if Barnes and Noble will have a special event of any kind?
Author Lori M. Lee found this SHAKESPEAREAN INSULT GENERATOR, we were playing with it for almost an hour last week!
There might be a REVIEW on my Middle Grade blog, and I will probably get a BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FOR WRITERS posted.
Have a stellar week!


  1. Next time I see a sale on Society6, I'll let you so you can buy more stuff! ;)

    1. There is a shower curtain with a fantasy whale, clouds, and ship on it that I desperately want. I have to save my pennies though because it is $60.00 dollars! Ha ha. :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Its great to be wanted for advice! Have a great week and happy reading!

    Laura @

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Hope you're feeling better and had a good weekend. I'll have to remember to check out Cait's shop as I'll bet she has some fun stuff there. :)

    I'll bet it was fun helping your son with V day ideas too!

    1. Yes! It was nice being able to help pick out fancy things after having a son all these years. It finally felt like winter with the sub-zero team and having a cold. Ha ha. I can hardly wait for spring!

  4. Aww, thanks for adding my society6 link here. :') *dances happily* IT'S SO RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME TO SEE IT IN THE WILD, HONEST. <333
    And I just knew they'd release the Cursed Child as an actual book too, so I was so not surprised when it was announced. XD I don't know if I'll read it though, because I've never read a play!??? But I bet the Harry Potter universe has gone WILD. XD

    1. I read quite a bit of Shakespeare in high school, and I took an American Plays Lit class in college,so I have read quite a few and I love reading them. Waiting For Godot is one of my favorites. Try it, you might like it!

  5. YES TO HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD. I am so excited :D :D And look, Cait's pillow! I desperately have to get some stuff from her store :) And dance moms!! Omg, my friends and I went through a stage where we just binge-watched it. Crazy times.

    1. Ha ha! I liked Dance Moms much better in the beginning when it was raw and real. I saw a photo of when they were shooting the moms in the observation booth and there were tons of cameras and techs in front of the window. They can't even see what is going on in the studio, but maybe they have a monitor up there. Hehe. :)

  6. I can't wait till my kids grow up and I can embarrass them on Valentines Day!

    Yay for the mention by your fave author, never watched Dance Moms possibly won't it sounds a little scary!!!

    1. Ha ha, Dance Moms has a lot of yelling and back-stabbing, but the dance routines are fabulous. :)

    2. Ha ha, Dance Moms has a lot of yelling and back-stabbing, but the dance routines are fabulous. :)


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