Monday, December 21, 2015


Do you want to relive the magic of your favorite books? Is your TBR pile overwhelming with all the new books? Are you burned out or in a slump trying to find your next favorite read? Take a moment and re-read one of your favorite books! This challenge is hosted by BELLE OF THE LITERATI and you can view the details: HERE.


It seems like I spent a lot of time in 2015 talking about books that I wanted to re-read, so when I saw this challenge on READ.SLEEP.REPEAT'S 2016 challenges post I knew I needed to link-up!

I would like to re-read at least one book a month, so here are the 12 novels I am expecting to get to...

The first two MARA DYER books by Michele Hodkin. There was a pretty big gap between the second and third books, and because the writing is very intricate, I think to properly enjoy reading the last book in the trilogy, re-reads are a must.

The first six CHRONICALS OF THOMAS COVENANT THE UNBELIEVER novels. A little while after I joined Goodreads I found out the author had written four more books in the series since I read the original six in the 1980s, and I want to re-read these before attempting to read the new titles. I re-read the books in the mid-1990s, but I am still foggy on some details. I am going to have to go searching for them because they are packed in boxes in our backroom in preparation for a move that we never made. These books are by far my favorite Adult Fantasy series of all time.

The first four A WRINKLE IN TIME books. I have read these titles twice. I found out there were two books in all of the off shoots (around 20 books altogether) of this series that I hadn't read. One of them, AN ACCEPTABLE TIME, is the fifth book in the Time (Chronos) quintet, so a re-read of the first four is needed.


So these are my first 12 and I will probably be re-reading HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE after I get my copy of the illustrated edition for Christmas.

I have wanted to listen to my audio book of GREAT EXPECTATIONS for a while now. It is my favorite Dickens novel and I think I have read it three times, so this will be my fourth "re-read".

I will be updating on this post.


  1. I cannot join another challenge because 5 seems a bit much to me right now, but this year I got better at allowing myself to re-read books, so I plan to keep that up for next year! I already have plans to re-read Red Rising & Golden Son to prepare myself for Morning Glory and also re-read The Others series by Anne Bishop to prepare for Marked in Flesh!

    1. I have Red Rising and Golden Son and I think I will wait until Morning Glory comes out and then binge read them. Yes, five challenges is a lot! I don't know how you even manage four! One of my three is only three months long, so that ius a manageable schedule for me. :)

  2. I love the idea of a re-read challenge! I'm always looking for a reason to flail all over my favorites, so I'll definitely be checking this challenge out!

    Thanks for sharing!


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