Sunday, June 28, 2015


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I did my usual TELL ME TUESDAY post.

I have added the TEASER TUESDAY meme to it. I thought it fit perfectly with the TMT theme.

My teaser this week was from A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC...

"Would you miss me?" she asked.
"Like an itch," he shot back.

You can read the entire TMT post, HERE.

I also posted my first STACKING THE SHELVES! I am going to be blogging my monthly book hauls on the last Saturday of each month from now on using the STS meme and link-up.

You can peruse my June book haul, HERE.


I came across Sophia's vlog/blog RAVENS AND WRITING DESKS post about audiobooks via her tweet on Twitter. It was thought provoking and I bookmarked it so I can go back and leave a substantial comment. She asked about our feelings on audiobooks and how/if we use them. You can watch her video and view her blog, HERE.

I am almost finished with A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC and unless it tanks in the last 20% of the story (which I have heard is even more exciting than the rest of the book), it is taking the throne as my favorite book so far this year.

In fact, I have stopped reading everything else so it is the only story in my head.



What happens when you stumble upon something a favorite author (or any author for that matter) says out in social media that is thoughtless? An author tweeted that the reason people have bad things happen to them is because they put negative energies out into the universe. I cringed thinking what someone with depression, or a serious illness would take away and probably internalize from that. I commented asking then why do good people have awful things happen to them. She didn't reply. I have only read one of her books and was planning on getting to the second one in the series I was reading, but her tweet sentiments seem to have dulled my fervor for the series right now. I am hoping that waiting for the final book to come next year, before continuing, will give me enough space to enjoy her stories again. Has something an author has said or done ever impacted your excitement for their books?


I am going to attempt the UNPOPULAR OPINIONS TAG. I saw this on Cait's blog PAPER FURY, and also Faye's vlog for THE SOCIAL POTATO (click on the names and you will be wisked away to their posts). They both have invited anyone interested to join in.


I know I have said this before, but I am going to get a couple reviews posted! One is a revamp of a review I did when I first started blogging of BLINDED BY THE LIGHT. It was a terrific Dystopian and the review is, by my now veteran blogging standards, lacklustre. I am going to gif it up a bit and add some quotes. I am also on the home stretch with my THE INFINITE review draft. In fact I thought I was going to have it ready by Monday, but Blogger was being a #&$@ yesterday.



I hope you liked the Adventure Time/Sunday Pusheen mash-up.

Have a MAGNIFICENT week!


  1. I love the Pusheen GIFs!! =D

    And I'm so happy to hear you're loving ADSOM SO MUCH!

  2. Hi Lala, (I think that is your name/nickname sorry if it is not, couldn't find it), first time here in your blog. Love it! it is so unique! :)
    I already added two of the books you featured here. Good for you for calling that author on the insensitive comment. I haven't run into an author's insensitive comment yet but I sis read a very insensitive, critical and judgmental post lately from a book blogger about other blogs that really floored me. What I found even more incredible was that other bloggers supported this post with their comments. Another blogger and I spoke my mind but that was pretty much it. 99% of commenters agreed with the post. It was sad :( I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to vent about it because it has been bother me ever since
    Happy I visited your blog.

    1. I have been the object of some of those, "Don't Do This", blog postss. Ha! It used to bother me, but not anymore. I was told my blog had too much "personality leakage" and too many gifs, but there are just as many readers who like it, as dont't, and maybe even more. A Goodreads friend just started a blog this weekend and I told her not to let people tell you what style to make your blog because it should reflect your personality. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. I had to go back and look at all of the Pusheen Gifs again. LOL So adorable. I've had a similar experience with an author and it eventually went away. Everyone can put their foot in their mouth once in a while:)

    My Sunday Post -

  4. I also love the GIF's, that cat is kinda cute! :) Thank you for plugging me the other day, by the way. I appreciated the mention! You know, as far as blog personality goes, I think people should be who they are. One person likes GIF's, the enxt doesn't. Both are OK. I agree with you, do what works for you.

    Love the graphic at top too, very fun!

  5. Your gifs crack me up. I will look into this Darker Shade of Magic have me curious. Unpopular Opinion sounds like interests post. As for the author, I figure something awful hasn't touched her yet..I tend to roll my eyes and move on..but you are right there are people who are influenced negatively by these type of remarks.

  6. I love your gifs - I may be weird, but the eye illustrating the monthly perusals really cracks me up !
    I don't tweet, so apparently, it saves me from a lot of drama. It's an easy way to spread an information quickly, but it also invites people to speak their mind instantly without thinking and spread rumors without checking if it's true first. I hate it when people, on Twitter or anywhere else, use the anonimity of the net to say things they wouldn't dare say in real life and sadly, I have a feeling this kind of attitude, so easy to see on the net, is beginning to reflect in real life too. Politeness and diplomacy are gone ! I don't know if I would keep reading that author's series or not, never been there before !
    You had my mouth water talking about A darker side of magic, I hope it continues to be great until the end of the book ! Have a great week ;)

  7. I totally love your pusheen / adventure time gifs! They are fab!!

    New follower!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings


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