Sunday, June 21, 2015


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As usual I posted a TELL ME TUESDAY.

You can view that post, HERE

I started reading my hardcover of A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, which by the way is the best book I have read so far this year, and thought the ink smelled faintly of roses (if you keep the book closed and sniff the page edges it seems more apparent to me). If you have read the book you know the significance of this. I tweeted about it to the author and her only "reply" was to re-tweet it. What do you think that means?

*UPDATE: Oh my goodness, I didn't think this question read like I was irked she didn't answer! Nooooooo... V.E. answers us on Twitter all the time! In fact that's why I questioned the RT; was it a nod to yes, the ink does have rose essence in it, or was she just tickling mystery?

I traded a signed Dorothy Must Die for it. Best trade EVER!
I also learned that if the author's books say V.C. Schwab they are Adult Fiction, and if they say Victoria Schwab, they are YA.

I found out that my most anticipated book this year (now that The Raven King was  pushed  back to January), OF DELICATE PIECES (the sequel to Of Breakable Things), which had already been pushed to August from May, is now pushed back to OCTOBER! And not even a cover to gaze at longingly.

I upped my Goodreadss challenge from 52 to 104 books, and am at 68 right now.

I did a redesign on my Middle Grade blog and changed the name from Mom in the Middle (boring), to PAPER DRAGONS, in preparation for my big Harry Potter homage post. I have started working on the post and plan to go live with it on July 31st, Harry and JKR's birthdays. Plus there will be a giveaway.



An elderly woman was the last speaker of her Native American tongue, and took it upon herself to type a complete dictionary using one finger. You can view a short documentary about it, HERE.


In your opinion, what is the difference between a writer and an author? I was wondering because someone on Twitter was referring to themselves as an "author" because they are submitting manuscripts. I was under the impression an author was a published writer.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I tend to think of an author of someone who's been published as well (including self-published) but I guess just finishing a book (of some sort) makes you an author. (I've never really thought about it that much though!) :-)

    1. It irks me because she always uses it as a "one up" when there are conversations going on on Twitter, like her thoughts mean more because she too is an "author". I am sure the real authors see right through her, but it is still annoying. Lol.

  2. Congrats on upping your Goodreads challenge.

    1. I owe it all to audiobooks, they have basically doubled my reading time available!

  3. I think of an author as being published too. Not sure though. You have such a fun post this week. I'm off to check out a few of those links too:)

    My Sunday Post -

    1. Yeah, I always thought being published was the line between author and writer. She uses the title in such a braggy way all the time it gets on my nerves. Lol. After reading the article (I haven't watched the documentary yet), I am now wondering if there is a national Native American museum that is recording the last speakers of these dying indigenous tongues.

  4. I've heard of that V.C Schwab thing! I think it's cool for someone who wants to write several genres but doesn't want to get angry fans because it's not what people expected. (What's up with people, anyways?) As for that reply re-tweet thing, don't take it too hard. If it's an author with a lot of fans, they're likely to be very busy and that's the best they can do. But I'd love to read your thoughts on blogger-author relationships!

    1. Oh, I wasn't saying I think she should have replied. She is an author who replies to us on Twitter all the time! I was just wondering if RTing it was a nod to yes, the ink does have a rose essence to it, or whether she was trying to add an air of mystery. I have/had plenty of blogger author relationships and they are as varied as there are personalities, both wonderful and horrible.

    2. You think you'll ever do a post about things like that? I'd love to hear your thoughts! (Also, do you animate the cat gifs on your blog?)


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