Thursday, July 31, 2014

THE BODY ELECTRIC: New novel by Beth Revis, SYMBOLISM...

BETH REVIS, author of the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE TRILOGY, has an exciting new story for us!! THE BODY ELECTRIC.

There was a contest and Beth asked us to look at these beautiful art cards by CHRISTINE TYLER, and tell what we think the symbolism is in each portrait.

I think the fireflies on Ella's art card symbolize inner beauty shining from within because a firefly is plain on the outside...

but beautiful when illuminated from within.

And then there is Jack's portraiture...

I think the bees on his art card suggest he is a transporter or messenger of some kind because bees transport pollen...

and do the waggle dance to send a message as to where a food source is located. 

There are other symbols and items in the artwork, some of the other ideas I had were that Ella is some kind of beacon because fireflies use their lights to attract other fireflies. There are circuits in the background and I suspect Ella is either bionic, or a robot.

Jack's picture has moon phases surrounding him and water in the background, so I am wondering if tides have something to do with the story. I also think he may be a revolutionary because of the flag and the knife in his boot. Or maybe a privateer, or a pirate!!

Beth will be posting the real meanings to the symbols on Tumblr.  I will bring the link so we can all see how wrong I was with all of these guesses!

(so you can see how far off I was about every guess, but one)


  1. So smart! Symbolism isnt my strong suit but now that you say it it totally makes sense. Good luck!

    1. Aww... you guys are so supportive. *kunchwuzzies* and lots of luff.

  2. Those portraits are so fantastic! And your ideas for the symbolism are quite good too!


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