Tuesday, July 29, 2014



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I finished my last book on Sunday and I didn't want to start another ARC because I am saving them for Read. Sleep. Repeat's ARC August Challenge.

I thought I would go back to reading The Goldfinch and then I saw The Rosie Project on my Kindle carousel and changed my mind. I ended up not reading either. Yesterday I looked through a pile of books I have gotten from giveaways that were not ARCs and I pulled out The Price of Creation by Lance Conrad because it is thin and I figured I could read all of it before Thursday, but it is still sitting on the coffee table. I was also thinking about re-reading the first Mara Dyer book.


I am happy to be participating in ARC AUGUST.

If you would like to join the challenge look HERE.

Brittersweet and I will be buddy reading GATES OF THREAD AND STONE for ARC August.

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  1. One of those weird moments for us bookworms, when we're not reading anything!! O_o
    Friday is right around the door, so maybe take a reading break till then!

  2. Im in the nothing book with ya my sista! I might cheat and start an arc a day early! FOR SHAME!!!!! skullbloggery!

  3. Reading "The Blade Itself" right now in a buddyread, which is always nice. My next up list is just filled with ARCs that have been piling up like crazy.

  4. You should join the ARC August challenge and get some moral support! Thanks for visiting. I love seeing new faces. :)


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