Friday, July 21, 2017


JULY 20th 2017
Jo-Ann from INSPIRATION PIE has a feature where she takes photos during her walks and posts them to her blog. I love the idea and have decided to join her. You can see her latest walk photos: HERE.


My sister and I drove over to Confluence Park where the Chenango River and the Susquehanna River meet. The park is beautiful and I intended to get photos when we returned from walking along the river promenade, but the blue sky day quickly turned and thunder started booming in the distance, which is normal for my area. I got three nature photos before we scrambled up the trail steps back into the downtown area.

When we got to the stairs I turned to take a picture and you can see how the sky had already started to change.


We went into Boscov's department store, bought a couple of cheap umbrellas, and then walked through the business district back to where we parked the van. We drove to the dollar store after that. Ha ha. At least I didn't cheat this week. I promise to go back and get some photographs of the park.

Do you like getting caught in the rain?

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