Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I wasn't going to do a TMT this week because I have been so busy this last week and I am still reading the same book, STONE in the SKY, but I saw everyone's fall reading lists going up, so I decided to do a mash-up.

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This week tell us what is tops on your fall TBR!!

My most anticipated autumnal offerings are The Retribution of Mara Dyer, I absolutely LOVE these books, and of course my hard earned ENSNARED ARC!!!!

Sooooooo pretteh and fall colors, too!!!!
The actual publication date is January 2015.

I have three books I need to read right away...

1. The book I am reading now Stone in the Sky, the sequel to Tin Star, because I need to get it reviewed on Goodreads, quickly.

2. Vault of Dreamers because I want to see what all the extreme ratings are all about. Readers seemed to either love it or hate it, and I am always intrigued by those types of books. This needs to be done ASAP so I can send it off to The Book Nut so she can satiate her curiosity, too.

3. THE BODY ELECTRIC!!!! I received my signed copy with all of its swiggity-swag, yesterday. I adore Beth Revis' writing style, so this book should be a pleasing addition to my fall reads. Her Across the Universe novel was the first YA book I read, and the trilogy is devine.

These next two books were two of my most anticipated reads for last year.

Why didn't I get around to them? Well, this blog of course. I was weighted down with ARCs when they came out and, floundering in the newness of blogging, so they kind of slipped off the radar.

I am also over due on reading these two that were released earlier this year. These were also highly anticipated by me and the ARC pile just kind of took its toll here , too.

And of course if there is any time left over while also squeezing in ARCs, I will, as promised, be starting the Throne of Glass series. This has all made me realize I need to stay off Twitter. 


  1. Ohhhh what a fabulous idea. I think I will do the same next week. Twitter is the time sucking equivalent of pintrest. Yay to your Ensanred that is freakin still awesome. *wuzziesss*

    1. Yes, I call Pintrest: Satan's Picture book, so I guess Twitter can be Satan's Cellphone.

  2. Ps you made me so excited for The Body Electirc that I preordered it!!

    1. I was soooooo hoping that you would get a review copy. When does it come out? We can do a buddy read. *wuzZies*

    2. I went to see when the release date is and it is on my birthday. I didn't kow the ebook was only $4.99! Beth is my sister's favorite author, and I felt a tad guilty when I won the signed Across the Universe trilogy and The Body Electric, so I am going to preorder the ebook and give my sister the signed The Body Electric (I don't know about the swag though, lol).

  3. Ooooh, you already got The Body Electric?? I preordered myself a special limited edition from Malaprops and I'm hoping it'll arrive before I leave for US!
    And ENSNARED ARC!?!? I'm so so SO envious La La!!!

  4. I won the AtU trilogy signed and TBE signed + swag from Beth, but I am going to give The Body Electric to my sister. Maybe we can do a triple buddy read of TBE. :)

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    1. I tried posting to thank-you for the nomination and to let you know I will be bowing out on this award because I just did the 10 books tag, and am working on a second one right now *glares at Brittersweet* After I wrote my comment it wouldn't let me post because you do email verification for tracking purposes and I don't have that much patience. Thanks for visiting. :)

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    1. Thank-you for stopping by! I have loved both of the previous Splintered books and am hyperventilating about the trilogy wrap-up with Ensnared.


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