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Hello!! Welcome to TELL ME TuEsDaY a feature that seeped from the fried brains of myself and Brittersweet from PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM after a mind twisting Armchair BEA Twitter party. This is a weekly, or bi-weekly, feature depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you are reading now, and why, and what you will be reading next from your TBR pile, and why. We are oh so curious why people read what they read.

This is how Britter and I felt coming out of the ARC August Challenge (in which I read double the amount of ARCs I pledged).


And this is  how I have felt going straight into my blogoversary preparations and beginning of the month blog posts.

there is a CELEBRATION going on!!

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Okay, so I said last week I was only going to read what I wanted NO ARCS this week. Well, that did not quite happen. ARCs are partially ruling my reading, still, but at least the one ARC is something I have wanted to read.

I am reading an eARC of Princess of Thorns from Netgalley. I think everyone who requested it was approved. After reading the first chapter I was thinking, ugh, I got sucked in by another pretty cover again (the lettering attracted me, too), but once again, thank goodness for my three chapter rule because it picked up toward the end of the second chapter. So if you are going to be reading this you are forewarned. The first couple of chapters had lots of holes and were full of fairytale cliches.

I am also reading this Middle Grade...

I saw the cover of the sequel XYZ in a First Reads giveaway.

I fell in love with it.

I immediately went to the Goodreads page to read up on it and the author. I found out there was a free sampler of the first book and when I started reading it I forced myself to stop because it was THAT GOOD, and I knew I would be uber-frustrated when I came to the end and didn't have the entire book to read. I immediately went to Twitter to tell the author how stellar the NX sampler was and he offered to send me the ARC of XYZ! So this READ is in a way ARC driven because I want to be ready for when XYZ arrives.

The MC of these books is in a wheelchair and the author wrote the books for his son who is also in a wheelchair. 

"Frank Lambert always wanted to be a Zangulator, but had to settle for being a Chartered Engineer. He lives in North East England with his family and a Jack Russell who always looks guilty. Frank has two main projects on-going right now, Napoleon Xylophone and Witching Hole. Both of these trilogies have a young disabled school boy as the main protagonist. Frank was inspired to write these stories by his young disabled son, Mikey, who is absolutely perfect. Mikey wanted to read about disabled hero’s he could look up to and dream about becoming one day. Without Mikey, Xylophone and Witching Hole would not exist. Without these two stories, Frank Lambert the writer would not exist." ~ Goodreads

Oh yeah, I did. *tee hee*

Yes, I know this is a gerbil.

My next read is definitely going to be Throne of Glass...

or Britter and Pili will have my head on a platter. I hope I love these books as much as they do because there is going to be three more books and I will be able to join in on the cover reveal and release date excitement.
 Speaking of Pili, she is our wonderful and loyal feature follower. We luff her so much, so make sure you drop in to see what's up with her reading pile at IN LOVE with HANDMADE.


  1. Im glad your enjoying Princess and XYZ looks creepy amazing. Might have to pick that one up *wuzzies*

    1. The writing in the chapter sampler for Napoleon Xylophone is amazing especially after reading so many books with lousy beginnings lately. I don't undetstand how the editors don't realize how many readers DNF books with in the first couple of chapter. A little wobbly in the start, that's fine, but some of these books that have turned out to be good, sucked in the first chapters, for lack of a better word. Anyway, NX was fab from the first page.

  2. Wooohooo for the blogoversary!!

    I wasn't approved for Princess of Thorns, but I think it was because of the whole not being in the US thing... I cannot wait to hear what you think of it!

    I'm really really hoping you're gonna love Throne of Glass and we can squee and go nuts about the rest of the books once you're all caught up!! =D

  3. Yeah, I bet it was the international thing with PoT. There were a couple of books I was dying for that said Great Britian on Netgalley, that I requested anyway, and I didn't get those either.

  4. Ok Tell it to me Tuesday...

    I am reading "CInder" and "Throne of Glass" because everyone said I was a fool not to. I am reading "Witch Way" because the cover is awesome, and I am reading "The Year After" because I love Daddy and Daughter crazy drama.

    Next up is R&R'ing 2 plays, with interviews from each playwright.

  5. Wow, plays! I must admit I haven't read a play, just for reading's sake, since college. Everyone who has read the Throne of Glass books has been on the un-Throned to read them ASAP, so welcome to the ToG newbies' club. Thank-you so much for stopping by. :)


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