Sunday, May 16, 2021

SHOW AND TELL #4 - Daily Goodie Box - May Unboxing



I kept seeing this product sample box on Mary's blog, Dark Thoughts, and decided I would give it a whirl. I love this box because the products are most likely to be full size, or packs of multiple sample sizes. I love natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products, so it's a great way to find new ethically inclined companies, and to try their products totally free; with no shipping fees! They will never ask for a credit card number. If you want to try for your own Daily Goodie Box click the link above or go to their Facebook page: HERE.
Daily Goodie Box has a new sister website!
Every day there will be a link to a product from one of their brand partners to request, which will be sent directly to you if you are chosen. Again, no shipping fees and no credit card number required! I have already signed up and you should, too.


These were flavorful and crunchy good! They are peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, and dairy free. Every serving of mini cookies contains more than ½ serving of whole grain while being vegan, kosher pareve, gluten free, and delicious. My second favorite item this month! I was happy to see the online health food website I shop, THRIVE MARKET, has this product.

I added the Party Detox to my water bottle and the taste was okay, but when I added the Immune support to some water in a juice glass it tasted extremely medicinal and stung my tongue and throat for about five minutes. I can't tell you how effective they are because I am neither sick nor hungover. I have given the Digestive support packet to my son and will give you his feedback once he has tried it.

I gave this to my adult son who loves to try different toothpastes and he said the taste was okay, his teeth felt clean after brushing, and that it being vegan was a plus.

This is a stick sunscreen, so it has some body to it and I loved the way it felt on my hands! One thing I cannot stress enough is how important it is to put sunscreen on the backs of your hands. I wish I had done this when I was younger because my hands have not fared well in the aging department. It is a huge plus for me that this product is free of chemical actives. I see that Target carries these sunscreens which makes it convenient.

We were given a generous full size 150 capsule bottle to review! As soon as I'm fully vaccinated and out and about again, I will start taking these and come back and update my feedback. You can find You Theory products at Target.

My son loved it! He preferred the lighter texture and liked that it was not overly sweet. He says he will be keeping some in his backpack in place of trail mix.

This Beauty Without Cruelty product is wonderful! It left my hands moisturized without feeling greasy or sticky. Fragrance free is great for people with skin sensitivities, and I like it when I am wearing perfume so the scents aren't fighting each other. It seems pretty easy to find as it is carried by CVS, Walmart, Krogers, iHerb, and Vitamin Shoppe.

I already love and regularly use this nut butter. It was my favorite item in this month's box! I use it for making cookies and kolachki. This is another product I buy from THRIVE MARKET, as well as their cashew butter.

Do you like getting free samples?

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