Tuesday, July 28, 2020

TELL ME TUESDAY #309 - Last. Now. Next. - Tidbits


TELL ME TUESDAY is a floating feature, depending on your reading style, where you tell us what you read last, what you are reading now, what you will be reading next from your tbr pile, and why. I am curious why people read what they read, so tell me!

Our thermostat thermometer has remained pegged out at 88° since I mentioned it in a Sunday Chat a week and a half ago. It's been there for about two weeks. I keep telling Baz to pickup a thermometer so we can see what the temperature in the apartment really is, but he keeps forgetting. Maybe he doesn't want to know. Ha ha. I couldn't manage anything other than listening to my current book on text-to-speech while eating, which hasn't been very often in this heat, so next to no reading has gotten done. It's cooled off tonight, but I'm afraid to look at the weather forecast!

Published 1952 - Own Kindle Library
Not to be confused with the book, The Invisible Man. This is a #BlackVoices story about the Harlem Renaissance and I have learned more about the Black American perspective and race relations in this book than I have from both of the Nonfiction anti-racism books I previously read for #BlackLivesMatter; and I'm only 60% finished.

Published 2007 - Hoopla Audiobook Borrow
My next TURTLE RECALL CHALLENGE book. This was supposed to be my July Discworld book, but even if I finish my current read before the end of the month, and start this one, I won't be able to finish it, so I am going to save it for my annual August DOG DAYS OF SUMMER reading challenge. Look at Mr. Fusspot on the cover... just look at him, he's so damn cute.

I haven't been commenting on your blogs very well because of some physical struggles and the fact that my large Kindle Fire bit the dust. Commenting and blogging on my not only tiny 7" Fire tablet, but older model Fire, with all the text and typing bugs of the older devices, is next to impossible. I was lucky I had most of my last Bumbershoot's post drafted for Sunday. I promise to hunker down and get a lot of commenting done this week, so be prepared for one of my trademark comment vomiting sessions! Thank goodness the last guitar I was going to order was out of stock so I have enough money to order a new 10" Fire tablet!

There are some stellar contests up on the Facebook giveaway page right now. Some are multiple book prizes. Most from major publishers!

What are you reading? Tell Me

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