Saturday, March 10, 2018


MARCH 2018
BOOKSTAGRAM BOOST is a monthly meme hosted by Aimee from AIMEE ALWAYS for featuring Bookstagrammers you love who have under 1K followers. I will be featuring 2-4 Instagram accounts the second Saturday of each month. I also follow some great artists and photographers, so I will randomly be adding them here and there, too!

I have to get Annemieke in here before she blows past 1K because she's at 928 right now!

I love @signourney's photos because they are bright, colorful, and uncluttered. Her set-ups really let the books shine through.

I am also in love with her device pictures. They aren't easy to take.

This red e-reader is neat!

You can also find Annemieke on her book blog A DANCE WITH BOOKS.

Another Bookstagram account I feel needs more recognition is @d.arkstudio with 851 followers.
I love the art prints she adds to many of her photos!

She uses a lot of color.

You can find Daniela hanging out on her blog NOCTURNAL DEVICES.

Tell me who some of your favorite Bookstagrammers are.
You can find me here @LaLaCanifshewants2

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